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Caribbean Flamingo Wildlife Research Expedition in Yucatan, Mexico

The immediate goal of this research expedition is to improve captive management for flamingos and to assess the health of the wild population living in the Reserva de la Biosfera Ria Lagartos, with an ultimate goal of supporting their conservation. This project started in 1999 with a long-term research program to study migration routes, nutrition, and parental care in a Caribbean flamingo flock. All the information gathered during this expedition and project will help promote the Caribbean flamingo as a ‘flagship’ symbol for conservation of the wetland habitats. Senior Keeper Lindsey Brack will participate in this project as a component of Tracy Aviary’s Conservation Program and commitment to field conservation. Lindsey’s role is to assist the research staff in the capture and restraint of up to 800 wild Caribbean flamingo chicks. She will help band, and collect different measurements for each individual chick (weight, blood sample, among others). After the chicks are captured, and the information is collected, they are released back to the flock.  Though Tracy Aviary has a different flamingo species (Chilean Flamingo), the techniques and on-site observation of the behavior of a wild flamingo’s population will contribute to further our understanding and improve management of our group of flamingos.