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Making memories at Breakfast with the Birds 2014

Each summer, Tracy Aviary welcomes our community to join us for Breakfast with the Birds, a Saturday morning adventure for the entire flock. Breakfast with the Birds is a great way to spend one of the last Saturdays of summer and help support education programs at Tracy Aviary, but don't just take out word for it : 

"Breakfast with the Birds was such a magical event. When we first arrived, the staff and volunteers greeted us like the event was specifically for us and that they were honored to have us there. My kids were thrilled that the birds wanted to have breakfast with them. 

Children's activities at Breakfast with the Birds 2014

Children's activities at Breakfast with the Birds 2014

As we moved around the Aviary, there were stations of delicious foods that we could choose from. The chefs were talkative and playful, making the kids laugh. My kids were excited by all the different choices, so they picked a little from each station. The food was incredible! This was not just for kids as some of the stations had grown up treats like mimosas, making me to feel spoiled as well.

There was face painting, where my kids were transformed into birds and a bounce house that they could pretend to fly and become birds too. The Aviary had bird shows that my kids were able to participate in, and where once again they felt incredibly special. 

Feeding Sydney the Emu at Breakfast with the Birds 2014

Feeding Sydney the Emu at Breakfast with the Birds 2014

The presenters were fun and gave valuable information, so it was educational as well. We were able to see all the birds that morning with perfect weather that wasn’t too hot. The kids had fun trying to spot each bird in their exhibits. When it was time to go, the kids were hesitant but with the promise of coming back again, they finally agreed.

This was an amazing event that I would certainly come back to again year after year."

Alicia Gates, Tracy Aviary supporter