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One aviarian's thoughts on gratitude

This is that time of year when I reflect on all I have to be thankful for. 

I am grateful for my job, the opportunity to work at Tracy Aviary and to work with so many talented staff members. It is rate to work for a mission that is inspiring, meaningful, and needed. While all of us are important and special, I appreciate that Tracy Aviary is 77 years old. In time, all of us will be replaced here at Tracy Aviary as we replaced those that came before us. I am reminded that it is a privilege to work here, and that others will follow in our footsteps. I am reminded to enjoy it while it lasts and take pride in contributing to this legacy. 

I am grateful for all of you. I know it takes each and every one of us working together seven day a week to make Tracy Aviary a success. I struggle to think of one accomplishment that happens without the contributions of many. 

I am grateful for our many supporters, be they volunteers, donors, visitors, members and/or advocates. We are fortunate that thousands of people work with us in accomplishing our mission. As great as we are as individuals and as a staff, we would have no chance of success if it weren't for this community of supporters. 

Finally, I am grateful to our feathered and rooted friends. Day in and day out, they collectively fulfill our mission. As ambassadors, they enrich the lives of all who work with them or wander by them. They challenge us and they teach us, they are the core of what makes us happy and what makes us sad. 

In deep appreciation and gratitude, 

Tim Brown - Executive Director
Tracy Aviary