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Online shopping for the birds!

Amazon makes it easy for you to give to Tracy Aviary, proving that online shopping really is for the birds!

Amazon Smile is a simple feature any new or current user can sign up for. When you make purchases through, they'll donate a portion of the total sale directly to Tracy Aviary. Even small donations like these add up when it comes to providing excellent education, conservation & aviculture at Tracy Aviary. 

If you're hoping for a more hands-on way to give, Amazon Wish List lets you browse for things we need at Tracy Aviary & send them directly to us! Choose from bird seed to fill feeders to non-toxic paint for our resident bird-artists and help give programs at Tracy Aviary an extra boost! You can even send a personalized message to your favorite bird, volunteer, or staff member when you place your order. We hope you have as much fun shopping for our birds as we do!