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Pink Solar Trees are Making Us Green

Have you seen the pink solar trees at our Flamingo Pond?  How could you miss them?  They're about 20 feet tall and are just as green as they are pink.  Each tree is offsetting 6 kW of energy per hour soaked up straight from the sun, which gets fed right back into the grid.  That's like powering 461 compact fluorescent light bulbs, or 16 space heaters, every hour!  Just one hour of sunlight on these panels could power a home television for 28 hours!

Installed and "grand opened" aptly on Earth Day, these trees provide shade (for the birds and humans alike) and free solar energy for all of us to share.  Click the image below to check out the performance of the solar trees, complete with equivalent number of light bulbs powered and real trees planted.

Thank you to Rocky Mountain Power's Blue Sky’s renewable energy program for their generous support in helping to make these solar trees possible. The use of clean energy falls directly in line with Tracy Aviary’s mission to inspire curiosity and caring for birds and nature through education and conservation.  Tracy Aviary believes in leading by example. Thanks also go to Salt Lake County, and Creative Energies for providing support.