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Come experience Treasures of the Rainforest! All Ages

9:15am daily: Bug Toss (free to all guests)

Every morning the keepers do an “AM Check” where they look at each bird and make sure they are healthy and doing well in their exhibit.  Be at the exhibit at 9:15 to see the birds come out of the trees for a tasty snack.

12:45pm on Mondays: Beetle Battle: A Ladybug Release Experience! (free to all guests)

Inside our Treasures of the Rainforest exhibit, live thousands of little aphids who like to snack on the plants. To help keep our plants alive and healthy, we release ladybugs to eat the aphids. Come help us out at 12:45pm every Monday during Beetle Battle: A Ladybug Release Experience with our Horticulture Department!

12:45pm on Thursdays: Plants of the Rainforest Talk (free to all guests)

Talk with the horticulturist; limited to 20 people

1:00pm every day: Rainstorm! (free to all guests)

Experience a rain storm inside our Treasures of the Rainforest exhibit!  This is a chance for the plants(and you!) too cool off from our hot summer days and if you are lucky you will see some of our birds enjoying a fresh bath!




Daily at Various Times


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Free - Non—Member


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