Behind-the-Scenes with our Flamingo Flock

$15 per person for non-members(plus admission)                              $10 per person for members                                                                Up to 2 paying participants per feeding time                    

Get Close with our Chilean flamingos and their South American feathered friends! Join one of our Bird Keepers inside the flamingo exhibit where you will learn all about how we care for these fascinating birds.  The experience starts with a tour inside our Flamingo holding building.  Our Bird Keepers will go over all the intricate details in caring for flamingos and why this building is so important to their care.  After the tour of the building, participants will be led out on to the exhibit where they will get a closer view of the birds and spend time learning more about their natural history.  During this time participants will be able to toss food to the flamingos and waterfowl.  Participants will have the opportunity to watch how these birds stir up the water with their feet and use their specialized beaks to filter for food. You will feel like you are part of Tracy Aviary’s very own Flamboyance!

Experience Details:

·      30 minute behind-the-scenes experience at the flamingo exhibit
·         Participate in feeding and observing the flamingos with one of our flamingo experts
·     Available daily at 9:30am and 2:30pm, see registration details for more information.
·     Participants must be age 5 or older. Children must be accompanied with an adult.
·     Friends and family that aren't participating in the experience can watch and take photographs from the guest side of the exhibit.

Registration Details:
·         Reservations can be made at: and your email should include the name of the Avian Experience you're requesting, your preferred date and time, participant names and ages, your phone number, address, and any additional information we may need to know about your request. 
·         For the 9:30am experience please reserve at least 24 hours in advance
·         For the 2:30pm experience reservations can be made in advance or until 12PM the day of the experience.
·         Please check in at the main entrance and be sure to arrive at the Flamingo exhibit at your designated time. Keeper staff will meet you for the start of your experience!