Help Tracy Aviary inspire curiosity for birds and nature by bringing your team or group to volunteer for one of our phenomenal projects. These projects offer hands-on experiences and a special opportunity to get close to our birds and exhibits. Please review the available projects and then click the button below to submit a request. 

Note that some projects have a suggested donation. We know that your time is valuable so do our best to provide free volunteer opportunities for your group. A donation for a group project covers costs of materials and supports Tracy Aviary's mission.

Ready to Hatch Set Up
Ready to Hatch is Tracy Aviary’s largest annual fundraiser. A big event like this requires a lot of helping hands and that’s where you come in! Your group will help set up (including moving tables, putting up decorations, and setting up the silent auction area) for this fundraiser. 

Date Available: June 8th
Suggested Time: Afternoon (Noon to 4 pm)
Group Size : 10-20
Suggested Donation: $0-$100

Ready to Hatch Tear Down
Ready to Hatch is Tracy Aviary’s largest annual fundraiser, which requires a lot of helping hands to tear down. Tasks include clearing trash from tables, gathering table cloths, taking down signs from tents, and organizing various items.

Date Available: June 9th
Suggested Time: Morning (6am to 10am; grounds must open at 10am)
Group Size: 25
Suggested Donation: $0-$100

Substrate Upkeep: Did you know that we move thousands of pounds of new substrate into exhibits every year? This substrate not only makes the exhibit look beautiful for guests but also maintains high quality of living space for the birds. Volunteers will assist in moving the substrate from behind-the-scenes and into exhibits under the supervision of Bird Care staff. Some heavy lifting is required for this volunteer opportunity.

Dates Available: Year-round (exceptions are made in freezing temperatures)
Suggested Time: Morning or afternoon
Group Size: 5-15
Suggested Donation: $0-$250 

Trimming Grasses: Help our Bird Care staff keep the sandhill crane exhibit looking nice by trimming tall grasses. Due to size of the exhibit, group size is enforced.

Dates Available: March, May, July, & September
Suggested Time: Morning
Group Size: 3
Suggested Donation: $50-$150

Weeding: Our exhibits are home not only to birds from around the world but also to plants that provide species-specific natural habitat. Maintaining the plants in exhibits is no easy task and helping hands are always appreciated.

Dates Available: March-August
Suggested Time: Morning or Afternoon
Group Size:  3-10, depending on exhibit
Suggested Donation: $25-$100