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Guidelines for Your Upcoming Visit

Tracy Aviary is home to about 400 individual birds representing approximately 135 unique species from all over the world.  While at Tracy Aviary you will not only learn about the lives of these remarkable birds and the diverse places in which they live, but also how you can help conserve the habitats that these species depend on for survival.  We hope that your visit is comfortable, fun, and educational.  We invite you to explore the diversity of all things avian and discover for yourself the fascinating world of birds.

As you prepare for your visit to Tracy Aviary please keep the following guidelines in mind, explain them to your group or travel companions, and provide a link or distribute a copy to any chaperons accompanying your group prior to your arrival.

Group Arrival

Please check in at the entrance window and take a moment to briefly revisit the following guidelines to ensure both the birds and your group have a safe and positive experience.

Group Adult to Child Ratio

All groups of students under the age of 18 are required to be supervised by an adult.  For these groups we ask that you have a minimum of 1 adult for every 8 students in your group.  If your students are very young, we recommend having additional adults for smaller group sizes.

Prohibited Items

We strive to provide a fun and safe environment for both our guests and our birds.  In accordance with Salt Lake City ordinance, there is no smoking or alcohol allowed within Liberty Park, including and especially on Tracy Aviary grounds.  We ask that you leave the following items at home, or request to store them in our gift shop office during your visit:

  • Latex balloons (Mylar balloons are acceptable)
    • Scooters, bicycles, wheeled shoes, rollerblades, rollerskates, skateboards, etc.
      • Pets and companion animals (Service Animals in training and on duty are welcome; please notify our Guest Services staff so they may alert our bird care staff of the animal's presence)

Our Birds

The collection of birds at Tracy Aviary represents a portion of the thousands of diverse bird species living throughout the world.  Please remember that you and your group are visitors to their homes.  It is essential to us that these birds remain safe and content in their habitats.  We ask you to help us provide this for the birds by viewing them in a quiet, non-threatening, and respectful manner.  By preparing your group in advance to respect the birds, you will increase the birds’ comfort levels and thus be more likely see them demonstrating their natural behaviors.

Your Responsibilities

For the safety of our birds and all visitors, you must accept responsibility for the actions of all of your group members.  Tracy Aviary reserves the right to remove individuals or groups from our grounds for not following these guidelines.  For example, teasing, chasing, or feeding "human food" to our birds will not tolerated.

Picnicking on Grounds

There are picnic tables scattered throughout our grounds for your use should you plan to bring a lunch or snack.  Please use the grey trash and blue recycling receptacles provided to dispose of any and all waste.  Any trash not disposed of could end up being a potential and deadly hazard for birds, who may mistake it as food.

Feeding our Birds

Quarter-operated vending machines are located near each of our ponds to provide you with an exciting experience feeding our ducks, swans, and geese.  Tickets to feed our Sun Conures in an Amazon Adventure or our American White Pelicans and Double-crested Cormorants in a Pelican Encounter are available at our front desk, and may be reserved in advance by calling 801-596-8500 x 100 or by emailing  Except for the birds listed here and in these capacities only, please do not feed any of the birds at Tracy Aviary. Although they may accept your handouts, there is a risk that they will become sick or injured from eating food that is not a part of their carefully crafted diets.  This is particularly true for the peacocks and guineafowl wandering our grounds.

Enhancing your Educational Experience

Education about birds and their habitats is one of our primary goals here at Tracy Aviary.  We are eager to provide you with a rich educational experience during your visit.  We provide downloadable supplemental activities and learning materials for free on the Group Rates and Field Trips page.

Available Rentals

For your comfort and enjoyment, we have the following items available for rent or to borrow from our gift shop.  We charge a small rental fee and ask that you leave us with one piece of collateral in exchange for the rental item -- driver licenses, credit cards, or keys are common and acceptable.  We can also accommodate large groups who are wishing to have a climate-controlled, indoor space to meet or have lunch by renting the Chase Mill.

  • Wheelchairs (4 available) - Free with one piece of collateral
    • Wagons (3 available) - Free one piece of collateral
      • Umbrellas for rain or sun (15 available) - Free with one piece of collateral

Thank you!

We look forward to your visit.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at or call us at 801-596-8500.