Little Chicks Classes

Bring your little ones to stretch their wings with our educators and birds in Tracy Aviary’s Preschool and Kindergarten classes.

Our classes are offered every week for six weeks. Classes feature a special bird visitor, a fun craft or activity, a snack, a sing-along song, and an engaging story connecting with our age-appropriate themes. All classes are designed for parents to attend and participate with their child.

Classes can be taken in the full series of six or registered for individually. Our goal is to help your child make new friends and develop curiosity and comfort around their amazing bird neighbors, therefore series participation is recommended. Participants registering for the full series of six classes will receive a discount.

2-3 Year Old Classes

60 mins long
Adult and child attendance
Thursdays, 9:30-10:30am

New Adventures

Thurs, September 24
This week we will get to know new friends a little better—human and feathered alike—as we begin to explore just how special birds can be.


Thurs, October 1
Brighten up a day of your little tyke’s week with a rainbow of colors as we paint and play our way across the spectrum guided by colorful birds.


Thurs, October 8
One, two, three, which birds do you see? Your little one can count on having a blast as we explore numbers with some of our most charming birds.


Thurs, October 22
In this class, we will have a soaring good time as we play with letters with the help of a few feathered friends. We alpha-betcha won’t want to miss it!


Thurs, October 29
Tall, short, night, day, bright, dull—birds have some of the best differences around. Join us as we explore some of our favorite bird opposites.


Thurs, November 5
As the end of our series we will spend time appreciating our favorite friends, including the birds we have met along the way and even those who live right in our own backyards.

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3-4 Year Old Classes

60 minutes long
Adult and child attendance
Fridays, 9:30am-10:30am

Opulent Owls

Fri, September 25
In this class we say hoo hoo-ray for owls! Meet our nighttime neighbors nose-to-beak during this class full of owl fun.

Resourceful Ravens

Fri, October 2
Brains are the best and few birds are smarter than our local neighbor, the raven. We will learn all about them as we make some crafty creations of our own.

Terrific Toucans

Fri, October 9
From their big beaks to their crazy colors, toucans are incredible birds. We’re sure your little one will be dazzled too as we explore what makes them so terrific.

Virtuous Vultures

Fri, October 23
Vultures are dear to our hearts here at the Aviary and in this class we will learn more about our world-class cleanup crew, and everything that makes them so unique.

Pretty Parrots

Fri, October 30
Give your little one something to squawk about when you bring them to this week’s colorful, parrot focused class.

Dazzling Ducks

Fri, November 6
We will celebrate and meet some wondrous waterfowl while having a splashing good time in this class.

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4-5 Year Old Classes

60 minutes long
Adult and child attendance
Saturdays, 9:30-10:30am


Sat, September 26
Many birds think our local woods and trees are the bees’ knees, and together in this class we will learn what amazing things we can find exploring woodlands, and why many birds find them to be the perfect home.


Sat, October 3
It takes a special kind of animal to survive in as dry and hot a place as a desert, and in this class we will discover the amazing abilities desert birds have to help them live there.


Sat, October 10
Scrub a dub dub, let’s learn about what wetlands birds love! Dive right in to discover what an important habitat a wetland is, even here in Utah, and meet birds who prefer their homes wet and muddy.


Sat, October 24
If you love colorful birds, warmth, and fruit… then rainforests are for you! Rainforests are home to many different, amazing birds. Join us in this class to celebrate them and learn about their unique lives in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Homes in My Backyard

Sat, October 31
We don’t need to go far to find homes for birds and other animals around us… some even live in our own backyards! In this class we will come to appreciate our wild backyard neighbors and learn how we can make their homes a better place.

All Our Habitats

Sat, November 7
Everybody needs a perfect place to call home, including our fine feathered friends! In this day of class we will explore the different habitats of this series, what we need in our homes to be happy and healthy, and learn what birds and other animals need to find in their homes.

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Fee includes day admission to Tracy Aviary.

Individual Class Cost Per Child (parent included): $12 for members; $18 for non-members

Series Cost Per Child (parent included): $60 for members; $90 for non-members

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Registering for Classes

  • Space for each class is limited to 10 child participants, plus one parent each.
  • Classes are designed for BOTH child and parent to attend
  • If you are registering for the full series, please be sure to select the series registration on the registration forms, and not each class, in order to receive your discount.
  • Aviary Members receive a discount for class fees and should select the Aviary member pricing on the registration forms. Membership enrollment will be checked at the beginning of class.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The week of October 12th 2015 will be skipped. No classes will be held this week. Classes will resume the following week, to complete the six class series.

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Class Waivers