Programs range from 30 to 60 minutes long depending on the type of program provided. 


During our Soaring Science Programs, Tracy Aviary educators bring hands-on activities to your classroom or community group to explore nature topics. Programs are 45-60 minutes long, and are limited to groups of up to 30 participants. Programs are also connected to Utah State Science Core.

These programs do not feature live birds, but focus on hands-on science exploration.

Artsy Adaptations
Every animal survives in its habitat because of its amazing adaptations, but birds have some of the best! In this program, Tracy Aviary educators will lead students in hands-on activities exploring the connection between bird features and their habitats, including creating their own amazing creatures and turning a fellow classmate into a bird!

Egg-straordinary Eggs
Just how is an egg such a clever adaptation for birds? During this program participants will be introduced to a collection of egg specimens, dissect an egg to learn its different parts of an egg and how it is used by growing chicks, and help Tracy Aviary staff test how much weight an egg can really hold with our very own Egg-Smasher 3000 device.

Seasonal Survival 
Migration can be tough, so why do birds do it? In this interactive program, students get a taste of what native birds experience through all four seasons while collecting and graphing data from their own imaginary flock. Students then discover first-hand the risks and payoffs of going on mind-boggling bird journeys and explore how wetlands here in Utah and around the world help migrating birds. (NOTE: This program has been created for grades 4th and up. Students must be capable of reading and writing independently).

Winged Watershed Wonders
Protecting water that we need protects birds too! In this hands-on program, students identify how biotic and abiotic factors influence the water cycle and explore which birds a drop of water might encounter on its way through a local watershed. Students then use a watershed model to discover how humans impact water quality and brainstorm ideas for keeping our water clean for everyone to enjoy.



Words & Birds (Pre-K & K)
Migration can be tough, so why do birds do it? In this See the magic of story time come to life in this engaging 30-minute program, during which participants will read an exciting story and then meet a bird featured in the book! Tracy Aviary story-tellers will also bring several touch objects for students to interact with, resulting in a multi-sensory experience they won’t soon forget.

Beaks, Feet, & Feathers (1st & 2nd Grade)
Have you ever wondered why there are so many colors, sizes, and shapes of birds? In this program we explore the ways bird body parts help them to perform specific jobs. Tracy Aviary staff will introduce participants to the world of beaks, feet, and feathers.

Adaptations & Habitats (3rd-8th Grade)
Did you know that birds look and act differently depending on where and how they live? In this program, Tracy Aviary staff will help participants learn about both behavioral and physical adaptations and how each bird is specialized to thrive in its habitat.


Soaring Science Programs 

Cost: $60 for first program; $25 for additional simultaneous or consecutive programs.

Avian Ambassador Programs

Cost: $120 per program

Adding a Program to Your Aviary Visit

Our programs can also be presented here at the Aviary. For on-site costs please refer to our On-Site Tours and Programs page..

When booking a program...

  • Group sizes per program are limited to a maximum of 30 participants unless otherwise noted, or otherwise arranged.
  • Pricing includes up to 40 round trip miles of travel from Tracy Aviary. Excess mileage will be assessed at a fee of $1.50/additional round trip mile.
  • Consecutive programs must be in the same location and scheduled within 15 minutes of each other.
  • Off-site programs scheduled after 5pm will be assessed at a 25% additional fee.

Off-Site Program Request Form

To book a staff guided field trip with a tour or on-site program (see below) for your group, please fill out the following form:

Our staff will contact you regarding your request and use the information provided to assist you in planning your Tracy Aviary program.