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Featured Bird of the Month


If you haven't already heard, Tracy Aviary is participating in National Geographic's Year of the Bird, celebrating the centennial of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. More information can be found HERE

To celebrate our birds here at Tracy Aviary, we will be featuring a bird for each month. Follow along on social media and visit the Aviary the first Saturday of each month to learn more about the featured birds through special Bird Shows, Keeper Talks, and more! 

This month, we are highlighting swans, and to celebrate we are giving our Trumpeter Swan pair names! They will both be named after wildlife refuges where swans are found, and all money raised will be donated to The Trumpeter Swan Society. To vote on your favorite names, click HERE

*Make sure to grab a stamp card from Guest Services on your first Bird of the Month Saturday. If you come to 9+ months, you will receive a small prize, and if you come all 12 months, you will receive an experience as a prize at the end of the year!*

Below is the schedule:

January 6th - Toucans                                                                       July 7th - Hornbills

February 3rd - Wetland Birds and Ducks                                        August 4th - Owls 

March 3rd - Swans                                                                           September 1st - Vultures

April 7th - Cranes                                                                               October 6th - Turacos

May 5th - Parrots                                                                                November 3rd - Corvids 

June 2nd - Flamingos                                                                        December 1st - Raptors

Times vary season to season, but will usually follow the Bird Show. For specific information, call Guest Services at 801-596-8500, or email 

Keep in mind that all featured Birds of the Month are adoptable birds! Help us provide the best avian care for our birds and adopt one today. More information can be found HERE







Mar 03, 2018


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


At Tracy Aviary