If you are an active volunteer at Tracy Aviary, follow these instructions to login to your account in our volunteer management system, Volgsitics. This account will allow you to see your hours, read newsletters, and sign up for shifts (only for some volunteer opportunities).

1.    Visit http://tracyaviary.org/volunteer.
2.    Click “Volunteer Login.”
3.    Click “Need a password?”
4.    Type in the email address you included on your volunteer application. This will be the same email address where you receive the Volunteer Newsletters.
5.    Click “Go” and follow the instructions on the next page to learn how you access your password request email.
6.    Once you open the email, click the link.
7.    Type in the password of your choice.
8.    Click “Continue.”

You can now use that email address (referred to as your “Login name”) and the password you created to login to your Tracy Aviary volunteer account through Volgistics by selecting “Volunteer Login” from the volunteer webpage. Keep your password in a safe and convenient place. 

Signing Up For A Volunteer Shift  

We will be using Volgistics to allow volunteers to sign up for shifts only for specific opportunities. Follow the instructions below to access the calendar to see when we need volunteers and to sign-up for a shift.

1.    Login to your volunteer account here (see above to activate your account in Volgistics).
2.    Click “Sign-Up.”
3.    Click “Next Month” (green button) until you see a “Help Wanted” callout on the calendar.
4.    Click the “Help Wanted” callout. From this page you can see more details about the event, including expectations and qualifications; you can also sign yourself up for a shift from this page.
5.    Confirm the details. You will receive a confirmation that you signed up for a shift and will be able to view your shift on the calendar.