The Chase Mill at Tracy Aviary

The Chase Mill, Utah’s oldest standing industrial building, is filled with a warm, rustic charm and is perfect for wedding receptions, family reunions, birthday parties, dinners, corporate and nonprofit functions, and more.

The Chase Mill’s 1,475 square foot main floor creates a multipurpose venue with additional floors and outdoor options for your event to expand to. Your guests will enjoy our expertly kept grounds in any season and are invited to visit many of our engaging exhibits featuring rare and local birds while attending your event.  The Chase Mill is a comfortable venue for parties of all sizes, from intimate corporate meetings, to dinners for 60 people, to wedding receptions with 400 guests.

A 10% discount of hourly rental rates is available for those with Tracy Aviary memberships at a Family level or greater.  All add-ons, programs, and extras remain at the listed price.


Rental Rates & Times

Reservations may be made by the hour or for the full day, 9 am to midnight.



Schedule a Tour

The Chase Mill is open to the public during Tracy Aviary’s regular business hours (9 am to 5 pm, 7 days a week), with the exception of any prior reservations. You are welcome to stop by to tour the Mill at your leisure, though it is recommended that you call ahead to ensure that the Mill will be open.

Admission is waived only for viewing the Chase Mill; if you plan to browse Tracy Aviary as well, paying regular admission rates is required.

801-596-8500  |  rentals@tracyaviary.org




What's included in your rental?

Renting The Chase Mill includes many extras for your convenience.

During regular Tracy Aviary business hours (9 am to 5 pm, 7 days a week), your guests are welcome to browse our entire public grounds.  After 5 pm, our four public buildings (the Visitors Center, South American Pavilion, Kennecott Wetlands Immersion Experience, and Destination Argentina: Backyard Birds) will be locked, but your guests are still welcome to browse the remaining outdoor exhibits and grounds.

All after-hours events include at least two staff members: One remains at all times at the front gate to direct your guests to your event and to ensure that Tracy Aviary remains private for your event only.  Another roams our grounds periodically to make sure that the birds and your guests are safe and to ensure that the terms of the rental are being upheld (no smoking and no entering the birds’ exhibits, for example).  For your convenience and privacy, our staff are hands-off with your event.

There are two restrooms located on the basement level of the Chase Mill, as well as a small industrial kitchen with stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator, sinks, and counter space.  These are open to you for all Chase Mill rentals.

Renting all floors of the Chase Mill includes not only the main, top, and basement levels of the Mill; it also includes the Mill patio and the adjacent amphitheater (accessible through the Mill basement as well as at ground level).  An accessible elevator is available for both the main and basement levels, which allows access to the amphitheater as well.  There is no elevator service to the top floor of the Mill.

The lawn, amphitheater, and basement are available for rental as a package and include access to the two restrooms and the catering kitchen on the basement level, but do not include use of the main and top floors.