2020 Vision for Andy

If you haven't heard the news yet, our beloved Andean condor, Andy N. Condor had a major life event. Over the last couple of weeks, Andy went in for surgery on his eyes. And not just once, but TWICE!



Andy is 61 years old, and, like many humans as we age, he developed some cataracts in his eyes. Once they reached the point where it had become hard for him to see, his amazing team of humans decided to act. Andy had his first surgery, and although he had a bit of a hard time bouncing back afterwards, he took his time to get all the supervision and TLC he needed. 



Later on in the week, however, Andy was rushed into surgery once again! One of the sutures in his eye had came out, so they needed to go back and fix it. Fortunately, it all went well once again. He is now recovering well, despite scaring his humans, and he is hoping to "see" you all very soon!



Andy is truly one of the most beloved condors on Earth, and we at Tracy Aviary are so grateful that he has the best veterinary care team there is. We would like to give a HUGE thanks to expert ophthalmologist, Dr. Nicole MacLaren from Eye Care for Animals - Salt Lake City, his personal veterinarian and world renowned avian vet, Dr Scott Echols from Parrish Creek Veterinary, the amazing Tracy Aviary veterinary technician Rachel Goossen, and, of course, the dedicated team at Tracy Aviary, including Helen Dishaw and Jackie Kozlowski, for all the love and support through his recovery! Next time you're at the Aviary, please don't forget to thank our amazing staff for all they do to keep our birds happy and healthy. We are so happy Andy is doing well with his new "2020 vision". 




- Mackenzy Johnson, Social Media Coordinator