A Bird-Day Invitation from Andy



Vultures are important guests at all of nature’s dinner parties – we’re not picky about the menu and we always stay to clean up the leftovers! But there are not many vultures who get to be V.I.P. at their very own party, like me! We celebrate my bird-day every year at Tracy Aviary, rain, snow, or shine, and the guest list gets longer every year! I’m hoping my 60th is going to bring out the biggest crowd of party-goers yet! 

My humans have lots of fun planned for the big day – for humans and vultures alike! With a scavenger hunt, art show, face painting, bird shows, and arts/crafts lined up, it’s going to be a fun time for all. I’ll be out to greet my guests and enjoy my special cake (don’t worry you don’t actually have to share my cake – it might be a little rare for your taste – so we’ll have special cake to appear to your strange human palates as well)! And to ice the cake, everyone’s favorite mini-me - my little side-kick, Chewie the black vulture - will be out charming the crowd as well. While Andean condors, like me, are the largest species of vulture in the world, black vultures, like Chewie are one of the smallest! Whatever our size, we vultures all have larger than life personalities and the very BIG and important role of helping to prevent the spread of disease in whatever habitat we live in!

I sure do hope to see you at my 60th Bird-day party on April 27! But don’t wait until the big day to start the celebration - we have ways for you to participate in advance! If you can’t be here in person (or even if you can), please take a moment to submit a video bird-day wish for me! And special opportunity for all you amazing artists out there to share your artwork for our Andy Art Exhibit. (More info on those at the bottom of this page)

See you at the party! Thanks for making this vulture feel special every day! For so long, vultures have been misinterpreted, and even vilified, so it makes my heart swell to know how many of you have taken the time to get to know me, to understand my relatives, and ultimately to care for condors and all vultures! Now that is something to celebrate!


- Andy N. Condor


P.S. Here's how you can participate! 

Send your video submissions here: https://www.dropbox.com/request/uy06LcwYsHIh9NcKg5Uq

Bird DayVideoImage

and bring your Andy Masterpiece to the Aviary!