An Interview With Andy

An exclusive interview with Tracy Aviary's celebrity, Andy N. Condor.

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What’s your favorite color?

Blue! Why, you ask? Because Tracy Aviary's staff uniform is blue... so that's the color all my favorite people wear. "Blue," I hear, is also the term for a very rare steak - which is just how I like it! hehe There's always room for a good steak pun - it's a rare medium if well-done.

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What do you like to eat?

I only eat meat (no veggies or salad for me - trying to be a vegetarian would be a big missed-steak hehehe). I eat a lot of different types of meat, but my favorites are beef heart and beef liver! Yum!

How long have you lived at Tracy Aviary?

I have been here longer than any other living creature! I turn 60 years old next year, (I hope you are going to come and help me celebrate that monumental birthday - stay tuned for details), and since I came to Tracy Aviary when I was just one year old, I've been here almost 59 years.

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What’s something most people don’t know about you?

 Well, if you follow my Facebook page, (, there is probably not much you don't know about me - I share lots of intimate secrets on there, I'm pretty much an open book! If you don't follow me on Facebook, (first of all, why not?), you might not know that my mission in life is to change the culture when it comes to the vulture! I want to help people understand the truth about us and all the virtues of vultures! We are often seen as scary, villainous, gross, or goofy... but really we are smart, social, extremely clean, we don't hurt any other living creatures, and through our carrion clean-up, we are invaluable to the health of any ecosystem we live in. In my opinion, to know a vulture is to love a vulture.

Favorite Bird Joke 

Two vultures are eating a dead clown... one of them turns to the other and says, "Does this taste funny to you?" haha

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What is your go to karaoke song? 

Carrion Wayward Son by Kansas hehehe Not really, but if you intentionally misspell the title it creates a vulture reference, and I love a good vulture pun! How about Back in Black (and white) by ACDC - classic, just like me.

If you were a jazz musician, what instrument would you play?

Piano, of course - and if you saw me with my wings stretched out, you'd understand why! I wanted to make another meat pun here, but I was afraid I'd butcher it!


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What is your favorite sport? 

I'd have to say football... because I hear it is played with a pigskin and that sounds deeeeelicious to me!


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What is your dream vacation spot? 

I was going to choose Turkey - because that just sounds like a tasty place to visit... but then I heard there is a city called Liverpool, so I'm going with that! I just hope it lives up to it's name, can you imagine... a whole POOL of it!?


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