Contributing Authors


Helen Dishaw is a contributing author. She is the editor of The Flyer magazine for the International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators and curator of bird show at Tracy Aviary. You can find her in bird show, taking walks with bird show stars, and managing the Andy Facebook page. She struggles to choose a favorite bird at the Aviary, but if she must, it’s a tie between Andy, our Andean condor and Zelda, our wreathed hornbill. You might even see Helen enjoying her lunch break with Zelda once in a while. With two decades of experience, Helen humbly attributes her knowledge and expertise to the birds she works with, learning from them on a daily basis.



Kylie Jones-Greenwood is a contributing author and the community and outreach coordinator/educator at Tracy Aviary. You can find her planning programs, teaching children about nature, conservation and birds, or collaborating with the education department. Before the Aviary, Kylie was a third grade teacher and general “bird nerd” as she puts it. She's currently completing a B.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology with a specilization in Environmental Education and Outreach. Her favorite bird to date is the laysan albatross, but when she’s not bird-nerding-out, she enjoys knitting, cooking, listening to podcasts and spending time with her husband and guinea pigs.