Baby Flamingos

ATTENTION: We have baby flamingos! Three baby flamingos hatched in July of 2018 and they're as adorable as can be. If you're as obsessed as we are about the new baby birds, be sure to come to vote on a name HERE

Flamingos, much like humans, only have one baby at a time, so each baby has a different set of parents. Since these babies can grow to double their hatch size within a week, you'll have to visit before September or October to see them while they're still tiny. You'll still be able to spot the babies after October because they'll keep the gray coloring for a couple of years. Once they've acclimated to their diets, you'll start to see the pink feathers come through. Our "teens" have gray with hints of pink. Following flamingos during each state of adolescence is truly a fascinating and magical experience. We'll admit it. We're proud of our babies and we're going to annoyingly film each phase of their lives from first steps to first explorations. Keep scrolling to watch a video of our baby flamingo trying to stand on one leg for the first time in case you missed it in person. Watch more videos of them growing from our FB page. 

Each baby is adapting to their new environment and starting to show bits of their personalities. Fun facts about each chick below:


We're deeply saddened to announce baby 1 has passed. Please read our most recent blog post on the tragic news:

  • Hatched July 16, 2018
  • Birth Weight 92 grams
  • He was independent and liked to chase the ducks and swim


  • Hatched July 28, 2018
  • Birth Weight 86 grams
  • Very vocal, starting to stand in the nest and learning how to stand on one leg


  • Hatched July 31, 2018
  • Birth Weight 75 grams
  • Stays with mom and dad in the nest and is very cuddly and sleepy

-Lauren Wester, Marketing & Events Coordinator