Birds & Coffee

Nothing goes together better than birds and coffee. No, seriously. At the Bird Feeder Café, our baristas are bird enthusiasts and our coffee shop does its part in bird conservation.


20191015_114324.jpgAll of our beans are triple certified; USDA Organic, Fair Trade, and Smithsonian Bird Friendly. USDA Organic operations must protect natural resources, conserve biodiversity, and use only approved substances. GMOs are prohibited. Fair Trade means the farmers growing our coffee earn a sustainable income because we pay them a fair price for their beans. Traditional clear cutting of farmland destroys natural bird habitats. Our beans are shade grown beneath the trees, preserving bird habitats. The Smithsonian National Zoo reported that, in 2018, sun grown coffee farms had about 61 species of birds living in their trees, far fewer than the 243 species living on shade grown farms.

Additionally, our drip coffee beans are sourced from Café Femenino locations, a worldwide program supporting women coffee farmers with a focus on social justice and empowerment for women. For every purchase of our dark roast Condor Coffee, named after our own Andy N. Condor, a portion is donated to condor conservation. Currently the money is going toward a campaign called Get the Lead Out!



The Bird Feeder Café offers a variety of delicious traditional drinks and seasonal recipes inspired by our beautiful birds. Our drinks are meaningful and tasty. From December to February, our Winter Waterfowl menu showcased Tracy Aviary’s ducks, highlighting orange, chocolate, and cherry cordial flavors. This ignited many conversations between baristas and guests about winter duck mating displays.

The spring seasonals are taking a trip to our Destination Argentina exhibit! The Chaco Chachalaca is a macadamia coconut mocha imitating the striking shades of brown displayed in the feathers of the tropical chaco chachalaca. The Saffron Finch is a honey vanilla golden latte, representing this sweet little bird's brilliant yellow feathers.

Every drink purchase from the Bird Feeder Café contributes to a good cause and a good experience. So come visit us! A little birdy told us you need some coffee.



- Tori Cody, Café Manager