Book of the Month at Tracy Aviary

Educator’s Picks for Children’s Book Club

We all know about book clubs. An organization or entity chooses a book each month, people read it in their own time, and then everyone gathers and discusses. Well, we’re here to propose a similar concept... but for children. Our Education Department has quite the collection of children’s books; in fact, we have nearly 200 titles on our shelves! We select children’s books based on a few different criteria, including:

  • They align with a specific bird or exhibit, or are nature-themed
  • We would regularly use them in a class, camp, or off-site program
  • Our partners at Salt Lake City Public Library rave about it
  • They come from a recognized bird book publisher (AKA, @Cornell Lab Publishing Group)

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How will the children’s book club work?

Starting this month, our educators will pick one of their favorite children’s books to highlight. You’ll learn why we chose the book, what we love about it, and maybe a little something about our award-winning educators. Then you can pick up your very own copy in our Gift Shop! Don’t want to buy every book? That’s ok! We'll have a store copy available for you to read in the children’s area and will always try to select books available for check-out through our public Salt Lake County libraries.

Capture a moment when you are reading the book with a child, share it with us on social media using #TracyAviary, and tell us what you loved about the book!

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Want to join us for a story time?

We incorporate stories and quiet time into nearly every education program we facilitate. Our educators are trained by the Children’s Department at Salt Lake City Public Libraries on best techniques for reading books to children. You can register for Little Chicks Classes, School Break Camps, or Nature in the City's Book & Boots for an engaging story time with us throughout the year. You may also find us partnering with local library branches.

Learn more about our education programs here.

-Michelle Mileham, Director of Education