Our Favorite Children's Books

Want to curl up with a good book this winter? Check out some of our favorites!


  • Tap the Magic Tree by Christie Matheson. You’ll need some help reading this one!  “There’s magic in this bare brown tree”, but you and your little one have to tap, wiggle, and shake to make the magic happen.  We love this unique and interactive book, as well as Matheson’s Plant the Tiny Seed.

Tap the Magic Tree

  • Crow Not Crow by Adam Stemple & Jane Yolen.  From the bird experts at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, this book is a great introduction to birding!  Read along as a father and daughter explore the birds in their neighborhood and learn to distinguish between “crows” and “not crows”.  Plus, the Cornell Lab Publishing Group has several other great bird themed children’s books worth checking out!

Crow Not Crow

Dont Let the Pigeon

  • The Black Book of Colors by Menena Cottin & Rosana Faría.  Instead of sight, this book invites us to use our other senses to explore colors.  Each page is black with white printed text, Braille, and raised line illustrations.  We love the descriptive language and textured illustrations in this beautiful book! 

Black Book of Colors



You can find all of these books at the Salt Lake City Public Library or Salt Lake County Library.  Plus, discover more favorites during our upcoming Little Chicks Classes!  These preschool classes start in February and include a story, craft, and special bird visitor.  Learn more and register at www.tracyaviary.org/littlechicks


- Marina