Top 10 Costumes at Halloween Hoot

We're pretty excited about the Halloween costumes at Halloween Hoot at Tracy Aviary this year, so we're sharing our favorites. Look below for some Halloween inspo. before you head out trick-or-treating and remember to say hi to the birds this week. All proceeds from the festivities benefited our owls. Many of our owls are injured and unable to survive in the wild, so we've built a comfortable and relaxing home for them at the Aviary. Enjoy!

1. Mr. Penguin


2. Flamingo Family


3. Little Chicken


4. Baby Skunk


5. Armadillo Vibes


6. Owl Feathers

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7. Lovebug Smiles


8. Pink Monster 

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9. Red Dalmation 


10. Butterfly Capture


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