Lights Out Salt Lake

Tracy Aviary, in partnership with Dark Sky SLC, is launching Lights Out Salt Lake, a new initiative to make our valley safer for migrating birds. A majority of migratory birds - including many tanagers, warblers, and sparrows – migrate at night, and light pollution can cause these birds to become disoriented, fly into cities, and collide with lighted buildings.

Millions of birds are impacted in North America each year, and a 2017 citizen science study documented 44 birds representing 19 species that had collided with buildings in downtown Salt Lake. Luckily, the solution is simple: turn out all unnecessary lights between 11pm-6am during March – May and August – October. Everyone from local residents to business and buildings owners are welcome to participate in Lights Out Salt Lake, and we encourage you to join!

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Birds found in downtown Salt Lake as part of Tracy Aviary's citizen science project - the Salt Lake Avian Collision Survey - investigating the impact of light pollution on migrating birds.