Meet Ikaroa: Our Newest Kea Bachelorette

If you haven't heard already, there is a new bird on the block. Meet the newest kea and Kea Bachelorette contestant, Ikaroa! She has been causing quite the stir as the newcomer on the scene. Whether by accident or on purpose, she has earned her place as potential competition with our other bachelorette, Scarlet (silver band).

Ikaroa (black and yellow band) was born in 2014, making her one of the oldest kea among her exhibit-mates. She was born in the same year as Gonzo (blue band) and has formed a special bond with him (at least for the time being), signaling that she may prefer a more mature mate. However, she has also been seen spending time with the leader of the pack, Arthur (orange band), so it is still a mystery as to who will find courtship with the new bird. One thing is certain, she knows how to keep them all on their toes. 



This incredible bird traveled a long way to get to her new home, coming all the way from Bomlitz, Germany at Walsrode Bird Park. She made a brief stop at the Bronx Zoo before finally finding her way to the Aviary and her new role as a kea bachelorette. She believes in staying true to who she is and where she came from. Whether or not the other kea like it, her favorite thing to listen to is German nursery rhymes. Her favorite song seems to be "wheels on the bus" and she can be seen excitedly running to the speaker whenever she hears the tune. She enjoys a good meal and is quite the foodie. Papaya, mango pits, coconut, corn and nuts are some of her favorites treats, but when it comes to water, it seems she would rather play with it than drink it. Whenever given the chance, she will dump the water bowl out the second she can. She does love baths, however, and indulges in them more and more as she gets comfortable in her new home. 



If you're interested in getting to know more about our newest kea queen and how she does in her new role on The Kea Bachelorette, be sure to tune in to the drama every Friday on facebook! Find out how she does as the new lady on the scene, who is interested in who, and who is just hungry! Be sure to spot each contestant by their special band color: Arthur (orange), Steve Austin (red), Gonzo (blue) and our lovely ladies, Scarlet (silver) and Ikaroa (black and yellow). You can also spot her and her fellow show-mates every day in person at the Expedition Kea exhibit. 



- Mackenzy Johnson, Public Relations Coordinator