Science Says: Birdwatching Makes Us Happier!

If chirping birds make you happier, you’re not alone.

Birdwatching – and particularly identifying new species – lightens people’s moods and provides as much satisfaction as getting a $150-a-month raise, according to a new study by German researchers.

Spending time outdoors in nature has long been linked to better mental health. This new research specifically demonstrates that living and birdwatching in areas with at least 14 different varieties of birds can improve human well-being. The happiest people, researchers found, experience numerous different bird species in their daily life.

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Finding a little bit of happiness in the smallest things is nothing new at Tracy Aviary. Our newest residents, a pair of adorable baby burrowing owls called Ruthie and Ginsburg, are proof of that. Bigger birds make us happy, too, judging from the oohs and ahhs we hear when people visit the aviary’s majestic bald eagles, golden eagles, and our Andean condor, some of the largest flying birds in the Western Hemisphere.

So, when you’re feeling down and need a pick-me-up, just step out into your backyard or the park down the street, look up and listen to the soothing calls and chirps of our feathered friends. Better still, plan a visit to the Tracy Aviary soon and be completely immersed in the spirited sounds of sanity. Odds are – and science says – you’ll leave feeling lighter, happier, and in a much better mood!