Support Local Farmers!

COVID-19 has had a huge effect on the economy which, in turn, has affected agriculture, farmers, and our entire food system. The demand of food has changed a great deal; demand for food at grocery stores has sharply increased, while demand for food for restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, etc has decreased. This has put many people’s jobs at risk and has affected how much farmers are paid for their products. So there is no better time than right now to think about more sustainable agriculture!



Supporting local farmers is a great place to start. When you buy food at supermarkets, it often has to travel long distances, usually from several states away. But don’t worry, you can find plenty of farms right here in Utah. About 16,700 farms exist on 11 million acres of land in Utah, according to the Utah department of Agriculture and Food. Buying local food from farmers supports the local economy, uses less greenhouse gases due to less travel and use of large machinery, and tastes better because it’s freshly harvested.

The easiest way to support those local farmers is to visit your local farmers market! Salt Lake City has farmers markets throughout the summer at several locations. Farmers markets offer something for everyone - in addition to a wide variety of locally grown fruits and veggies, they also feature local meats, eggs, dairy, honey, sauces, baked goods, and desserts. 

Some current farmers markets in the Salt Lake area are: 

Saturdays Pioneer Park June-October 8am - 1pm

Tuesdays Pioneer Park August-September 4pm - dusk

Wednesdays Fairmont Park June - October 5pm - 8pm

Fridays Liberty Park June - October 4pm - dusk

Many stands accept different forms of electronic payment if cash isn’t your thing. Don’t forget to wear a face covering, bring a reusable bag to carry all of your goodies, and to think about trying something new!


- Bliss Capener, Primary Aviculturist