The National Audubon Society's Christmas Bird Count is the longest running community science project in the nation (more history here). Now, anyone can get in on the fun and contribute data used to monitor and protect birds!


Saturday, December 18, 2021





Birders of all ages and skill levels are welcome! All training will be provided virtually, before the count (see below for links).

Children must be accompanied by an adult. Registration is required.

Participants should bring binoculars and dress in warm clothing. We will be outside for the entire program. No binoculars? No problem! We will have binoculars and bird guides available to check out.

Please assess the health of everyone in your group before check-in. If you or anyone else planning on attending has any of the following symptoms or risk factors, we kindly ask that you refrain from attending: Fever, cough, new or increased shortness of breath, new decreased sense of smell or taste, sore or scratchy throat, muscle aches and pains, have been in contact or near anyone known to be infected with COVID-19 in the past two weeks.


Use the following link to register. Children cannot participate without an adult.


Virtual Training Materials

Review the following materials to prepare for the Christmas Bird Count! Questions? Email us at

What is the Christmas Bird Count?

History of the Christmas Bird Count

Birdwatching Basics


Bird ID Resources

Documenting Your Sightings

Which Birds Should I Learn to ID?

2020 Likely Birds for CBC4Beginners

Practice Your Bird ID Skills!

Take an eBird Quiz

  • Create or sign in to your eBird account.
  • Click the green Start Quiz button.
  • Customize your location as Salt Lake City, UT and your date as 12 December to generate a quiz based on birds commonly seen on the Christmas Bird Count.
  • Click the green Start Quiz button again.
  • Questions are multiple choice. After you choose your answer, you will see if you are correct. Then, tag the photo (optional) and rate it (required) to continue to the next question. Your rating and tags help the eBird database get stronger!
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Saturday December 15th will be Tracy Aviary’s sixth annual Christmas Bird Count for Kids (CBC4Kids). Why should you get out in the winter weather with us?

1 - Unplug and get moving!

In the winter, it’s easy to turn to screens for entertainment. The CBC4Kids provides a fun and easy way to be active and enjoy the outdoors.

2 - Spend quality time together.

The “for Kids” part might be a little misleading. This is for the whole family! Though children may be dropped off for the CBC4Kids, we love it when adults join the party. 

Why IS it called “for Kids” then? The CBC4Kids is a companion to National Audubon Society’s Christmas Bird Count, in which participants try to count EVERY BIRD in a 15-mile diameter circle within a 24-hour period. Sounds daunting for kids, right?! That’s why the CBC4Kids count is only 1 ½ hours in a much smaller area.

Is 1 ½ hours still too long for your kiddo? That’s why we developed the CBC for Little Chicks, ideal for ages 2-7, accompanied by an adult. It’s full of games, stories, and crafts that you can join and leave at your leisure.

3- Be a part of history.

The Christmas Bird Count has been happening every year since 1900! Learn how the old holiday tradition of the “Side Hunt” turned into the oldest citizen science project in the world at

 4 - Do an act of service.

The birds we count in the CBC4Kids contribute to the international network of counts happening within a two week period around Christmas. This massive snapshot of where birds are during our winter contributes to scientific research that informs how we conserve our natural world. Your participation makes a difference!

Photo 1 Braving the Cold

5 - Get to know your feathered neighbors.

Discover which birds can tough it out here in the city with us, even as temperatures drop.

6 - Gain new skills.

Experienced Aviary birders will give you a crash course in binoculars and bird identification before we get counting.

7 - Score a DEAL!

This is one of our most affordable programs at just $3/person, including admission!

Photo 3 Birding

Ready to sign up? Learn more and register at 

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