Tracy Aviary's Valentines Day Love Birds

It's Valentines Day and love is definitely for the birds here at Tracy Aviary! To celebrate, we have some interesting facts and adorable stories to share about some of our best and “tweetest” bird couples. 



Sandhill Cranes:

When the Aviary’s male Sandhill crane arrived in spring 2010 to be paired with our female, we were skeptical. Crane introductions can be a very complicated, drawn out process. When they were first given access to each other, the female went right up to our male and proceeded to follow him around wherever he went. She was on a mission. They were immediately comfortable and happy together and became a bonded pair in an extremely short amount of time. You can find them almost always in close proximity to each other no matter what they’re doing. The female tends to follow the male around, but when it comes to sharing, she always takes first dibs on the treats.

Guam Kingfishers:

Breeding season has begun for our Guam kingfisher couple! This is both a very exciting and a very important time for our kingfishers here at the Aviary because Guam kingfishers are now extinct in the wild. That's right, extinct! It's a chance for us to help rebuild and grow the population for this species. We're sure they're busy on their way for baby number five! We are keeping our fingers crossed for these two love birds. 

Toco Toucans:

Just meeting last year, it was a busy first year together for our toco toucan couple! They became parents to the first ever toco toucan chick at Tracy Aviary the same year they met. You can find all three members of our toco toucan family in the South American Pavilion at the Aviary.



Chilean Flamingos:

The Aviary is all inclusive to all couples! Flamingos don't only breed heterosexually, and we have an adorable pair of male Chilean flamingoes that build the best nest together every season, even incubating an egg together each year. You can spot the beautiful couple by looking for the two tags, tan 24 and white 95. 


Red-legged Seriema:

Our male red-legged seriema, Ernie has lived here at the Aviary for a long time. He was lonely and needed a companion, Cue - Bert! Bert was a show bird, but had grown tired of the spotlight. She moved here to the Aviary and was introduced to Bert to try breeding instead. They bonded instantly! These two keep each other calm and take care of one another as they build their nest together. Ernie is a nesting pro and takes his time making sure he weaves their home perfectly. Bert, however, is a little more careless in her nest building techniques. She'll put the sticks anywhere and in every direction. It may make building their home a little more difficult, but we don’t think Ernie minds. 



White-throated ground doves: 

Those white-throated ground doves are busy little parents! With one new chick and one on the way, they're helping the species in big ways. White-throated ground doves are near-threatened and a protected species. You can read more about their story and the Aviary’s efforts to help their species in the “Baby dove love at the aviary” article on our blog page. 

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Scarlet-faced Liocichla:

These two love birds are a newer couple here at the Aviary. They were introduced last year and fell in love instantly. They have made their home together in the Treasures of the Rainforest exhibit and they're one of our more famous couples because they tend to show off, rarely hiding from guests. You can spot them fairly easily, you might even say they're prone to too much PDA. 



Sun Conures:

Sun conures are social birds, and their flocks can get huge. In fact, their numbers can get into the thousands in the wild. We have quite a big flock of sun conures here at the Aviary as well. Among our group, there were two conures that didn’t quite fit in. They were more on the introverted side, so they were moved to a new surrounding. They eventually found their way to each other and that was that. Now they are living their lives together in our Amazon Adventure exhibit. 


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Southern Ground Hornbills:

It's breeding season at the Aviary for hornbills as well! When we brought in our female hornbill last summer, we wondered which one of our two males she would pick when it came time to mate. Our males are father and son, and we were surprised to find out that our little lady has a thing for older birds! Southern ground hornbills mate for life, so we are glad they found each other here at the Aviary. This season will be our females first chance at mating, however, our older male hornbill is a widow and this will be his second chance at happiness. The male is quite the affectionate partner. He's always sharing his food with his mate, and brings her leaves for their nest. 

Edwards's Pheasants: 

Tracy Aviary’s Edwards's pheasants are one of the oldest couples we have at the Aviary. They have been together for 3 years and have had 7 chicks together. Talk about a happy couple! They can be found spending time together in our Treasures of the Rainforest exhibit.



Trumpeter Swans:

Our pair of trumpeter swans are named Fergus (male) and Mingo (female). This pair of swans are young and were brought together just over two years ago.  As a couple, Fergus is very outgoing and Mingo is more on the reserved side. They spend all their time together, even when Fergus takes Mingo’s treats from her. This spring Mingo will be 3 years old. Trumpeter swans typically breed at 4 years old, but can sometimes breed earlier. Our Aviculture team is planning to set them up this spring and are crossing their fingers that it's love.

You can find all of these adorable bird couples and growing families here at Tracy Aviary. Cant get enough bird love? Don't forget our 21+ Valentines Day Event is tomorrow, where we'll be celebrating all our bird couples and hopefully you'll find your tweetheart at the party, February 15th from 6-9pm. Tickets still available. 

- Mackenzy Johnson