The Aviary is working hard to ensure our birds still have the best possible care while we recover from our closure and the loss of admission revenue for two months, but we can’t do it alone. One great way to help is by donating $5 - $14 to help us pay for our birds’ specialized diets. $14 will feed a bird at the Aviary for one month, so even a few dollars will go a long way! We couldn’t do what we do without our amazing flock - thanks for all you do to support us!

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Take a look at a few specific donation campaigns below or learn more about Planned Giving below:

Planned Giving




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Planned Giving


THE TRACY AVIARY HERITAGE SOCIETY honors and recognizes the philanthropic leadership and vision of individuals who create a planned giving strategy to benefit the mission of Tracy Aviary, forever.  Too often, these gifts are unrecognized because they come at the end of the donor’s life. Our Heritage Society allows us to celebrate and thank donors for their generosity, today!  Examples of planned giving strategies include:

•   Bequest by Will    

•   Charitable Gift Annuity   

•   Charitable Remainder Trust Life Insurance   

•    Retirement Account Assets

If you have already included Tracy Aviary in your planned giving strategy, or would like to discuss your options with our staff, contact us at: 


801-596-8500 extension 120