2021 Bird-A-Thon

May 22, 9:13 am

Categories: Aviary Events


BIRDERS: Anyone can participate as a Bird-A-Thon birder. Ask your friends and family to sponsor you with a certain dollar amount per bird species you see on May 22. Then, sign up to attend one of our field trips* or go birding on your own and share your eBird list with us. We’ll tally up the number of birds you saw and contact your sponsors to provide their donation to the Aviary. As a thank you to participants, birders will also be eligible for a number of fun prizes!

SPONSORS: Want to support our work? You can sign up to sponsor one of our field trip teams. Just pledge a single donation amount or dollar amount per bird species seen during the field trip. You can also pledge a donation for different target species that we’re hoping to see. We’ll tally up the birds we saw and contact you afterwards to provide your donation to the Aviary.

*We are limiting field trip size, first come-first served.

Sign up and learn more on our conservation website