International Vulture Awareness Day

International Vulture Awareness Day

On September 01, 2018

At Tracy Aviary at Liberty Park

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IVAD will be celebrated here at the Aviary, helping create an awareness of how important vultures are to the planet, how many types of vultures exists, and why you should love vultures as much as we do. #vultureculture See schedule for various activities taking place on International Vulture Awareness Day.


9:30am: Andy N. Condor Walk

9:30am - 2pm: Conservation Station with a special scavenger hunt

10:30am: Bird Show with vulture friends

10:45am: Vultures of the World Tour

11:30am: Bird Show with vulture friends

12-2pm: Vulture Vomit Toss

12:15: Hawkwatch Presentation: Vultures: How Feasting on Death Keeps Ecosystems in Balance and Humans Alive

1:00am: Book and Bird

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