Guided Group Tours

Tours and programs are typically 45-60 minutes in duration, depending on the topic and program chosen. Staff-guided experiences are scheduled based upon staff availability and should be booked at least 2-4 weeks in advance.

Available Tours

General Tracy Aviary Tour (All Ages)

Allow our guides to select an array of their favorite birds to meet with your group during their visit.

ABCs of Birds (Pre-K)

Practice your ABCs with Tracy Aviary's beautiful exhibit collection and an expert guide to lead the way.

Beaks, Feet, and Feathers (K-2nd Science Core)

Birds have unique and amazing body parts to help them survive where they live. Join our experts to explore how each bird is different, and how each part helps it meet its basic needs.

Wetlands- Such a Homey Habitat! (K-2nd Science Core)

There are quite a few different types of habitats but many birds will tell you that wetlands are wonderful! Join our educators to discover what makes a wetland such a homey habitat and how it might not be that different from your home. 

The Living Aviary (3rd Grade Science Core)

How do animals depend on the living and non-living things in their habitats? Learn how each of the birds we visit connect to their surroundings on this tour.

Adaptations and Habitats (4th Grade Science Core)

Allow our expert guides to teach you all about Utah’s unique habitats and the ways in which birds utilize their adaptations to survive within them.

Inherited Survival (5th Grade Science Core)

Learn how inherited specialized structures passed from parents to offspring (and the tiny changes that happen along the way) allow birds to better survive in their environments on this guided tour.

Sense-ational Stream (All ages)

Utah’s streams and rivers provide crucial resources for wildlife and us. Participants will use their senses to explore Tracy Aviary’s stream ecosystem and discover what brings wildlife to waterways throughout Utah.*Available August through October and March through May, weather dependent.

Conservation (All ages)

Tracy Aviary features many species of endangered birds with unique conservation stories. Join one of our bird experts to meet these special birds, and learn what it means to be endangered and how our conservation actions can help ensure their survival.

Wonderful Wetlands (All ages)

Meet some of the magnificent birds that depend on Utah’s wonderful wetlands! During this tour, participants will learn how wetland birds flourish in these important habitats, what makes a wetland a wetland, and how we all can protect them. 


Can’t find a tour to suit your needs? We are able to build tours to address the needs of any group, from native birding to neotropical migration stories. 

On-Site Programs

In addition to offering tours of our birds and buildings, we also offer a robust list of programs that can be added to any tour or field trip package.


  • Available tours: $30 flat fee per tour group of 15 participants.
  • Custom tours: $50 flat fee per tour group of 15 participants.
  • On-site programs: $50 per program, maximum 35 participants.

Simultaneous and consecutive tours and programs are available for larger groups, depending upon staff availability.

On-site tour and program fees are in addition to admission fees. See Hours & Admissions for regular admission prices. We also offer special admission rates for groups and Title 1 schools.

  • Group Rate (15+ people)
        Adult $6
        Student $4
        Teachers Free
  • Title 1 Pricing 
        Adult $4
        Student $3
        Teachers Free

Book Your Guided Visit

To book a staff guided field trip, please complete the following form Guided Visit Request Form.

Request Form

Our staff will contact you regarding your visit and use the information provided to assist you in planning your trip to Tracy Aviary.

Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships for the 2019-2020 school year are not available. If funding becomes available, this page will be updated. Please contact Sara at if you have any questions.