Eco Justice Course

Intro to Climate Justice

Facilitated by Olivia Chandler from the University of Utah Environmental Humanities Program

Sundays in July 1-2 p.m.

Spend a couple hours reading and exploring climate justice in theory and practice! Over four course meetings, this course will discuss the intersection of climate change and other liberatory movements, such as queer liberation, abolition, food justice, racial justice, and/or decolonization. Participants can expect to engage in conversation with readings, podcasts, popular media, and each other about the role of climate justice in Salt Lake City. No prior experience with this subject is required! All materials will be provided.

Snacks will be provided every meeting, and lunch provided on the last meeting. There will be a childcare option at the Nature Center, with child-friendly activities to keep them busy while you learn. Please reach out with questions.


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