Nature in the City: Programs

The following programs are now playing in a park near you! 

Book and Boots

Bring your little ones and explore the outdoors together! We will enjoy a nature-focused story, active games, fun crafts, and time for free play in nature. (While all are welcome, this program is designed more specifically for ages 2-6.)

The Buzz on Bees

Bees, bees, bees! These fuzzy little fliers are more than just stripes and a stinger. Come learn about all the ways that bees help us and the environment around them.

Details Detective

Nature holds so much to be discovered, if you only take note of the details!  Become a details detective with us and represent your discoveries and experiences in your very own nature journal.

Earth Rocks!

No matter the season, you can find rocks everywhere! Join us as we become honorary geologists, use our senses to explore rocks, and get our hands dirty discovering the story of soil!


Get creative in nature! Become an artist of the elements by turning natural materials into beautiful works of art.

Eyes for Butterflies

Butterflies are the movers and shakers of the flower world.  Let’s spend time together with a keen eye out for these enchanting pollinators.

Insect Safari

Get to know the little critters all around us! Join us on a hunt for local insects and learn the important roles these creatures play in habitats.

The Jungle Around Us

Tap into the wealth of living things around us, while learning about the importance of water in different habitats.  It’s a jungle out there, and we’re going to explore!

Mapping Your Park

Discover the importance of having a sense of place and try your hand at creating and reading maps during a treasure hunt!

Natural Comparisons

Have you ever wondered if others view nature the same as you?  Come discover how we all see the world from our own perspectives and find out what similarities and differences you share with the ones you know!

Nature Walk

Join us for an easy-paced walk highlighting the unique features of Salt Lake City’s parks. We will equip you with everything you need to explore, including binoculars, magnifying glasses, and simple identification guides.

Painting a Soundscape

How much do we use our sense of sound to understand the world around us? Come discover new ways to interpret our surroundings and sharpen our listening skills!

Sensing the Seasons

Our senses can lead us to amazing discoveries! Come along to experience how our senses enhance our exploration and join us in a round of Nature Show & Tell!

Stream Exploration

Get your hands wet exploring water quality and search for the plants and animals that depend on our streams and rivers.

What Floats Your Boat

Calling all engineers! Join us to learn about our nearby waterways through hand made natural boats. See which materials sink, float, and come together to create the perfect boat!

Wildlife Investigators

There are animal tracks and signs all around us! Become a tracker and come explore the wonderful clues left by our local animals.