80th Anniversary: Leslie's Story

"I have had a long history with the Aviary! It started when I was 10 or so (1958ish.) My Dad, brother and I used to go to Liberty Park once a week in the evening. We would swing on the swings in the playground and maybe be brave enough to go down the BIG slide — very adventurous! We would always hear the bird calls from the aviary and one sounded like it was saying "where, where?" My Dad would call out "Over here, over here!" in response and it always made us laugh! Later I discovered the call was made by a peacock.

Then in the early 1970s, as a starving graphic designer, I got a free-lance art job illustrating bird plaques for the various cages. The plaques were made of Permaloy -- a material that was sturdy but was discontinued because it was harmful to the environment. Those old signs might be somewhere in a storage shed?

More recently, I became a supporter of the new, improved Tracy Aviary. My husband, Mike, and I visit often, and have given talks about bird photography for the lecture series. We are very impressed by the new open environments, the variety of species, and especially the bird shows. I think the hornbills are our favorites!

Hooray for Tracy Aviary! Long may it wave!"

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