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Do you really want to “Leave No Trace”?

Answer at end of article.

Venturing into the wilderness this summer? Well maybe you should wait until fall, it might be a bit cooler then and more fun.

But if you do, remember the “Leave No Trace” principles. This helps wild places STAY wild for years to come.

  • Plan and prepare: unless you don’t feel like it. Then, maybe just stay home.
  • Travel and camp on durable surfaces: like slickrock. NOT on crypto!! (biological soil crust… help keep those lil fungi and lichens alive! And keeps the soil in place too.)
  • Dispose of waste properly: PLEASE do this. Otherwise, it will be SO SMELLY AND GROSS. And ugly. Trash is ugly.
  • Leave what you find: yeah so what if it’s a cool rock? It’s not yours. Where are you gonna put it anyways? Take a picture or something.
  • Minimize campfire impacts: I mean, really, you shouldn’t ever have a campfire in Utah because it’s a desert and we’re in a drought for probably the rest of eternity and smoke isn’t great for the air quality either. I know they’re pretty but… look at the stars instead or something. Or just go to sleep.
  • Respect wildlife: if you see a bird or other critter, you must say “hello”, “hiya” or even “howdy” in order to truly be respectful. Ask how their day is going, and give them some personal space. They probably don’t want to talk with you too long as they have better, more important things to do.
  • Be considerate of others: yes, unfortunately you may encounter other humans on your wilderness adventure. Please do not blast loud music in their face. I think it’s probably ok if you dump some water on their face though… chances are, they’re dehydrated and could legitimately use a drink.

Answer: I don’t care if you want to or not, but you should. The birds are counting on you!!!!

By: Sandra Kinzer

Photo from lnt.org

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