Group Volunteers

Help Tracy Aviary inspire curiosity for birds and nature by bringing your team or group to volunteer for one of our phenomenal projects. These projects offer hands-on experiences and a special opportunity to get close to our birds and exhibits. 

Review the opportunities for groups below before submitting an application.

Apply to Volunteer

Sandhill Crane Exhibit Upkeep

Help bird care staff maintain the sandhill crane exhibit by weeding and mulching. Birds will be off exhibit during the volunteer time, but they’ll appreciate your hard work afterward! NOTE: This project must be confirmed at least one month in advance of project date.

Dates Available: May-June
Suggested Time: Morning
Suggested Group Size: 5-10
Suggested Donation: $50-100

Southern Ground Hornbill Exhibit Upkeep

This large exhibit could use some TLC from a committed volunteer group. Not only will your group rake and place new mulch but you will also plant some new plants and paint the exhibit perimeter. Birds will be off exhibit during your volunteer time, but you are welcome to observe the birds using the space after your project is complete.

Dates Available: March-July (weather dependent)
Suggested Time: Morning or Afternoon
Suggested Group Size: 15-25
Suggested Donation: $100-500

Substrate Upkeep

Tracy Aviary’s bird care staff needs your help! Did you know that we move thousands of pounds of new substrate into exhibits every year? This substrate not only makes the exhibit look beautiful for guests but also maintains a high quality of living space for the birds. Volunteers will assist in moving the substrate from behind-the-scenes and into exhibits under the supervision of bird care staff. Some heavy lifting is required for this volunteer opportunity.

Dates Available: February-August
Suggested Time: Morning or Afternoon
Suggested Group Size: 5-20
Suggested Donation: $0-$50

Vine Construction

Synthetic vines are used in many exhibits across grounds. Not only do they have a great aesthetic for our visitors but also the birds enjoy perching on them and playing with them. We are looking for some crafty volunteers to help construct these vines. Instructions and materials will be supplied. This opportunity could be done on-site or off-site.

Dates Available: February-August
Suggested Time: Morning or Afternoon
Suggested Group Size: 5-15
Suggested Donation: $0-$100 (you may also purchase materials as a donation)