Group Volunteers

Applications for Group Projects Currently Closed

Tracy Aviary's Group Volunteer Application has closed for the fall and winter season. You can review our upcoming projects below and check back in February to submit an application for one of these or a new fun project.

Limited group projects are available through Tracy Aviary's Jordan River Nature Center. Please note that these projects are hosted at our second campus in South Salt Lake. Learn more here.

Questions? Email our Volunteer Coordinator at

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Garden Bed Upkeep

Did you know that Tracy Aviary is not only a zoo but also a botanical garden? Our horticulture staff maintain about nine acres of garden beds which attract local wildlife and showcase native plants. Volunteers will assist in moving mulch and compost to make those garden beds shine! Some heavy lifting is required for this volunteer opportunity.

Habitat Upkeep

Keeping our grounds beautiful and inviting for guests is no easy task! Bring your volunteer group to help horticulture staff upkeep various habitats. Based on your group size and time of year, you may pull watercress from our on-site streams or weed flower beds across grounds. Either way, the more hands, the better!

Stream Clean-up

Splish splash, what an excellent way to stay cool in the summer! Keep our streams running smoothly by helping us clear unwanted plants and algae. While you may end up a little wet, you’ll have fun and keep cool! 

Substrate Upkeep

Tracy Aviary’s bird care staff needs your help! Did you know that we move thousands of pounds of new substrate into exhibits every year? This substrate not only makes the exhibit look beautiful for guests but also maintains a high quality of living space for the birds. Volunteers will assist in moving the substrate from behind-the-scenes and into exhibits under the supervision of bird care staff. Some heavy lifting is required for this volunteer opportunity.

Vine Construction

Synthetic vines are used in many exhibits across grounds. Not only do they have a great aesthetic for our visitors but also the birds enjoy perching on them and playing with them. We are looking for some crafty volunteers to help construct these vines. Instructions and materials will be supplied. This opportunity could be done on-site or off-site. A donation of $300+ is required for this project, which helps us cover the cost of materials.