*Please note: Due to the volume of on-site activities at Tracy Aviary during the summer, we may not be able to accommodate every outreach request in the months of June, July, and August. 

Soaring Science Programs

During our Soaring Science Programs, Tracy Aviary educators bring hands-on activities to your classroom or community group to explore nature topics. Programs are 45-60 minutes long, and are limited to groups of up to 30 participants. Programs are also connected to Utah State Science Core.

These programs do not feature live birds, but focus on hands-on science exploration.

Nature Programs

Bring your class or community group outdoors with private Nature in the City programs! In these nature programs Tracy Aviary educators bring activities to school yards or local parks to help participants explore and discover the nature right in their backyards. Programs are 60 minutes long, and are limited to groups up to 30 participants. 

These programs do not feature live birds, but focus on interacting with nature to develop a connection with the environment and a sense of place. 

Custom Programs

Tracy Aviary also offers custom presentations for any class or community group. These presentations can be tailored to any topic, such as Tracy Aviary’s past and present, ecological concepts, or local bird conservation stories, but may include fewer hands-on activities. Please note we are unable to bring live birds at this time.


$60 for first program; $25 for additional simultaneous or consecutive programs.

Adding a Program to Your Aviary Visit

Our programs can also be presented here at the Aviary. For on-site costs please refer to our Group Tours.

When booking a program...

  • Group sizes per program are limited to a maximum of 30 participants unless otherwise noted, or otherwise arranged.
  • Pricing includes up to 50 round trip miles of travel from Tracy Aviary. Excess mileage will be assessed at a fee of $15 plus $1.50/additional round trip mile.
  • Consecutive programs must be in the same location and scheduled within 15 minutes of each other.

Off-Site Programs

Our staff will contact you regarding your request and use the information provided to assist you in planning your Tracy Aviary program.

Off-Site Request Form

Have questions? 

Please contact for more information.



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