Virtual Aviary Resources

Below you'll find digital resources to keep you and the kids in your life entertained and learning! Also check out our Virtual Aviary Videos or follow Tracy Aviary on Facebook for content that complements some of the activities below. 

We want to hear from you! Show us how you use these resources by posting on social media and use #MoreThanAnAviary and #ClosedButStillCaring so we can follow your adventures.

Virtual Tours

Can't visit Tracy Aviary but interested in learning more about our birds? The Education Department is happy to provide you with a virtual tour experience. Choose from any of the available tours, including custom tours, listed on our guided group tours page. We'll send you a ~15 minute pre-recorded video showcasing 3-4 exhibits relevant to the theme of the tour. You are welcome to share the tour with family members, friends, or scout groups! Virtual Tour fees range from $30-50 per request. Submit a virtual tour request form through the guided group tours page or through the link below.

Virtual Tour Request Form

Binocular Craft


Click the image of toilet paper tube binoculars above to download instructions for making your own pair. This is an example craft of what is included with a Virtual Little Chicks registration.

Identification Guides

Click on the links below for quick guides on identifying common Utah birds and plants! 

Identify Doves

Identify an American Robin

Identify a Black-Capped Chickadee

Identify a Quaking Aspen

Community Science

Over 250 songbirds migrate at night. While at home, turning off the lights can make the night skies safer for their passage. Click here to learn more.

And take the Lights out SLC Pledge!

Cuentos Folkloricos Podcast

Tracy Aviary’s Cuentos Folkloricos, is a podcast episode released in English and in Spanish that highlights folklore on human-animal connections from peoples and cultures of the Americas. Listen below, and learn more HERE


Coloring Pages

 Spoonbill Coloring Page


 Click the image above to download our roseate spoonbill coloring page. Be sure to share your rendition on social media!

Andean Condor Coloring Page

Andy Picture

 Click the image above to download our Andean condor coloring page. Be sure to share your rendition on social media!

Flamingo Coloring Page 

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Did you see our #SundayStorytime of Sylvie over on our videos page? Sylvie is one of our Education Department's favorite books and now we want to see your very own version of Sylvie. Use this flamingo coloring page from Birdorable and then show us your Sylvie over on social media. 

Southern Ground Hornbill Coloring/Craft Page

SGH Picture

Do you love Tracy Aviary's southern ground hornbills as much as we do? Click the photo above to download a hornbill coloring page and a make-at-home craft. These resources are provided by our friends over at Mabula Ground Hornbill Project! Share your creations on social media, and be sure to use #ilovegroundhornbills

Activity Pages

 Hummingbird ID Activity Page (English and Spanish)

Screen_Shot_2020-05-07_at_2.23.35_PM.png.     Screen_Shot_2020-05-07_at_2.24.00_PM.png

 Click the images above to download our Hummgingbird identification worksheets. Be sure to share your rendition on social media!

To learn more about hummingbirds, check out our hummingbird field guides here in English and Spanish, and get involved through Project Broadtail

Woodpecker ID Activity Page (English and Spanish)

BirdID_ColoringSheet1_English-ICON.jpg           BirdID_ColoringSheet1_Spanish-ICON_copy.jpg

 Click the images above to download our Woodpecker bird identification worksheets. Be sure to share your rendition on social media!

Chickadee ID Activity Page


Did you know there's more than one type of Chickadee? Click the images above to download our bird identification worksheets. Be sure to share your rendition on social media!
Learn more about identifying Chickadees here:


Check out even more coloring pages and activities below!

pdfHalloween Hoot: Disgusting or Delicious

pdfIVAD Coloring Page

pdfAndean Condor Coloring Page 1

pdfAndean Condor Coloring Page 2

pdfAndean Condor Coloring Page 3

pdfBlack Vulture Coloring Page

pdfCalifornia Condor Coloring Page

pdfKing Vulture Coloring Page

pdfTurkey Vulture Coloring Page

pdfNature's Cleanup Crew Coloring Page

pdfEarth's Recyclers Coloring Page

pdfVulture Maze

pdfVulture Name Scramble

pdfVulture Connect-The-Dots 1

pdfVulture Connect-The-Dots 2

pdfVulture Word Search

pdfCondor Mask Craft 

Nature Isn't Closed

One of Tracy Aviary's main tenets is nature play. While we are unable to provide Nature in the City programs at this time, we can provide resources to guide you, your family, and your friends through educational nature play activities. These activities are ideal for walks around your neighborhood, but can certainly be used in parks and on trails. Don't forget, we want to see your adventures. Be sure to tag Tracy Aviary and use #MoreThanAnAviary and #ClosedButStillCaring on social media! 

Insect Safari


Do you want to learn more about your smallest neighbors? Click the image above for an explore-at-home version of our Nature in the City Insect Safari program! Learn what makes an insect an insect and how to build an insect hotel.

Book & Boots: The Best Nest


Click the image above for one of our Nature in the City favorites: Book & Boots! Migrate over to our Virtual Aviary videos for a story time of The Best Nest and then use this booklet to explore your neighborhood.



Click the image above to view our eco-art activity booklet. Learn more about eco-art, famous eco-artists, and how to create your very own masterpiece. This activity is one of our educator's favorites!

Animal Tracking 101

Duck Drawing

Click the image above for our multi-page animal tracks and signs activity guide. In this resource, you'll find prompts for how to look for and identify animal tracks, an animal scat guide, a scavenger hunt, and a fun matching game.

Free Birding Software

We are happy to share that Thayer Birding Software is now free for everyone! This is a great tool that you can download to your device and learn how to identify wild birds by sight and sound. Learn more about this amazing resource on their website.

Animal Sounds


Click the image above to download our Animal Sounds Activity Booklet. This is adapted from our Nature in the City Soundscape program and includes fun movements you can do inside or outside along with instructions for painting your very own soundscape. Be sure to migrate to our Virtual Aviary Videos page to find the Soundscape Animal Sounds file needed for one of the activities.

How To Climb A Tree


Time to climb! Click the image above to watch one of our Nature Play videos. This one inspires kids to go outside and climb a tree. Don't worry adults, safety pointers are included in the video. This video was proudly sponsored by American Express.

What To Do When It Rains

When it Rains

Time to splash! Click the image above to watch one of our Nature Play videos - this one all about the fun you can have outside even when it's raining. This video was proudly sponsored by American Express.

Signs of Life

Click the image above for our Signs of Life Scavenger Hunt. What evidence of life can you find while exploring?

For Parents/Guardians

We know this is a difficult time for some parents and guardians who are now caring for kids during school hours. Our Education Department is here to help you, from understanding standards kids are reaching to providing ideas to connect standards to outdoor activities to helping you find other resources available in our community. If you have ideas of what we should be sharing, or need assistance, please reach out to us at .

Finding Peace in Nature 

Our friends over at the Children & Nature Network designed a whole website dedicated to staying connected to the natural world during COVID-19. This website has resources for everything from practicing social distancing with toddlers to supporting kids through this crisis. 

We're All Teachers

Click here to read a blog from the Institute for Learning Innovation to understand how you can help your child or children while out of school. Learn ways to incorporate language arts, reading, math, and science into regular activities throughout your day. After all, this is what we, as informal educators at Tracy Aviary, do in our programs.

SEEd Standards

SEEd Standards Use the graphic above to learn how to read Utah's new Science with Engineering Education Standards. Our Education Department is working to align our programs with these new standards. Explore this website to review or find science standards we refer to throughout the Virtual Aviary.