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589 E. 1300 S.
@ Liberty Park


Adult - $11.95
Child - $7.95



Tracy Aviary is open! Because the "normal" way of life pre-COVID-19 is no longer feasible, we have implemented a new system of both access and enjoyment to the Aviary. Our first priority is ensuring the safety of our guests and staff. We will be controlling the number of visitors on grounds, requiring face covering, and taking a variety of other safety precautions. 

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Tracy Aviary inspires curiosity and caring for birds and nature through education and conservation.

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Keeping Birds Safe While Dealing with Unwanted Rodents

Dealing with unwanted rats, squirrels, or other rodents? Don’t immediately reach for the rodenticide! Poisoned rodents look like easy prey for raptors such as owls and hawks, but rodenticide can be lethal to birds, other wildlife, and...

Science Says: Birdwatching Makes Us Happier!

If chirping birds make you happier, you’re not alone.

Birdwatching – and particularly identifying new species – lightens people’s moods and provides as much satisfaction as getting a $150-a-month raise, according to

Spending time...

Tracy Aviary Welcomes Burrowing Owl Babies

There have been so many changes in our Aviary family this year. Among the best? Two new burrowing owl hatchlings have joined the Tracy Aviary Bird Show flock! The pair of siblings, Ruthie and Ginsberg, hatched at Lake Superior Zoo in Minnesota...

2020 Vision for Andy

If you haven't heard the news yet, our beloved Andean condor, Andy N. Condor had a major life event. Over the last couple of weeks, Andy went in for surgery on his eyes. And not just once, but TWICE!


Andy is 61 years...