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9am - 5pm

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589 E. 1300 S.
@ Liberty Park


Adult - $12.95
Child - $8.95


The Aviary is Open Year Round!

Visit Tracy Aviary in the colder months to see our grounds and gardens transformed into a winter wonderland! Catch your favorite feathered friends playing in the snow, and enjoy a peaceful stroll through our little pocket of nature in the city. Bundle up and come by; we can't wait to see you!

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Tracy Aviary inspires curiosity and caring for birds and nature through education and conservation.

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Backyard Birding
Backyard Birding

Do you want to become a birder, but don’t know where to start? Why not start in your own backyard? Backyard birding is a great way to connect with the biodiversity around us. There are many species around us each and every day that we likely don’t...

Gardening in Utah
Gardening in Utah

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to get an early taste of summer visiting Tucson Arizona. The city showcased thousands of beautifully landscaped yards bursting with colorful native plants and rugged rock formations; only two or three lawns were...

Best Practices for Hummingbird Feeding
Best Practices for Hummingbird Feeding

With spring upon us, soon we’ll see an influx of hummingbirds into Salt Lake City. Putting out food for these hummingbirds is a great way to see these beautiful species up close. To do this safely and avoid any unintentional harm to these birds, it...

Bird's Eye View: Spring 2022
Bird's Eye View: Spring 2022

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