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589 E. 1300 S.
@ Liberty Park


Adult - $11.95
Child - $7.95



As we phase in our steps to re-opening, we know that the "normal" way of life pre-COVID-19 is no longer feasible. This means we are preparing a new system of both access and enjoyment to the Aviary. Our first priority is ensuring the safety of our guests and staff. We will be controlling the number of visitors on grounds and taking a variety of other safety precautions. 

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2020 Vision for Andy

If you haven't heard the news yet, our beloved Andean condor, Andy N. Condor had a major life event. Over the last couple of weeks, Andy went in for surgery on his eyes. And not just once, but TWICE!


Andy is 61 years...

5 Easy Ways You Can Help Tracy Aviary this Fall 


Happy Fall from your favorite feathered friends! The past 6 months have been overwhelming and exhausting (to say the least!), but thanks to our amazing community of supporters, Tracy Aviary has been able to continue with our operations...

Support Local Farmers!

COVID-19 has had a huge effect on the economy which, in turn, has affected agriculture, farmers, and our entire food system. The demand of food has changed a great deal; demand for food at grocery stores has sharply increased, while demand for food...

Young Plants, A Bright Future

What do a horticulturist, an educator, a Nature Center manager, a conservation biologist, and a CEO have in common?

For starters, they all work at Tracy Aviary. But more importantly, this hodgepodge of professionals strapped on their masks...