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589 E. 1300 S.
@ Liberty Park


Adult - $11.95
Child - $7.95


Tracy Aviary Events!

Tracy Aviary organizes all kinds of events to further deepen our visitors' connection to nature. Join us for Oktobirdfest to enjoy a festive night of local beer, food, and fun! Also be sure to grab your tickets for the Wild and Scenic Film Festival co-hosted by the Outdoor Afro - Utah Network, the Utah Film Center, and its Black Bold & Brilliant program.

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Tracy Aviary inspires curiosity and caring for birds and nature through education and conservation.

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Tracy Aviary Staff Help Clean Up

Autumn brings cooler temperatures, changing leaves, migrating birds, and – for Tracy Aviary Staff – several opportunities to participate in local cleanup efforts. On Saturday, September 11th, Tracy Aviary’s conservation team helped with the International...

Weed Pull at the Jordan River Nature Center

On June 8th, Tracy Aviary staff and friends/family of staff gathered at the Jordan River Nature Center for our summer weed pull and barbeque. Our goal was to find and pull out puncturevine along the Jordan River Parkway Trail. The latin name, Tribulus...

Bird's Eye View: Summer 2021

What's inside: 

Critical Partnerships with Utah's Division of Wildlife Resources
Tracy Aviary Celebrates 10 Years of Conservation Work
Condors Benefit from Caffe Ibis Coffee


Protest pesky plastics!

Plastic pollution is an environmental issue that has serious effects on our water and wildlife. Plastic waste easily travels around the world through waterways and when plastic waste is broken down into microplastics, they are consumed by aquatic organisms...