Adopt a Bird

By adopting one of our birds, you are helping Tracy Aviary provide the best care for all of the diverse avian species in our collection.

Adoptions help support natural and healthy diets, veterinary care, enrichment toys and activities that simulate natural bird behaviors, and so much more!

Though you cannot take your new friend home with you, there are many benefits to becoming an honorary bird parent. See a full list of these benefits below, and see all our adopatable birds in the image gallery at the bottom of the page! 

adopt a bird level benefit chart

Meet Your Bird Day

When you adopt at the $100 level or higher, you will have the opportunity to meet your new feathered family member! Bring up to two guests with you for an up-close and personal experience led by our talented and educated bird care staff. You will learn what it takes to provide top-notch avian care, including information about diets, toys, and the tools used to maintain your bird’s health and welfare.

Just as all the birds at Tracy Aviary are unique, all Meet Your Bird Day experiences are unique!

  • Our Bird Show Stars are busy birds! They are our most active ambassadors, participating in two bird shows a day all year round, and helping us with special events. Due to their full schedule, we set aside two days a year for adoptive parents to meet their bird. If you adopt one of our Bird Show Stars, you can come and visit them on a pre-arranged day in May or September alongside any other adoptive parents of that bird, and your bird will come out of their exhibit to greet you!
  • If you adopt one of the birds in our other exhibits, you can work with our expert aviculture staff to arrange a day throughout the year that works best for you! Since these birds have a lighter load, you and your guests will be able to step inside your bird’s exhibit for a truly special encounter. The exceptions are the Guam Kingfisher and the King Vulture, whose exhibits are closed to the public.
  • Each species and individual bird reacts differently to varying circumstances and stimuli. To ensure safety for all birds and guests, Meet Your Bird Day experiences for all birds will vary depending on the bird care staff's expert judgement and interpretation of any given circumstance

Please note that parental supervision is required for all children under the age of 12 at all Meet Your Bird Day experiences.

Adopt at the $500 Level

Adopt at the $250 Level

Adopt at the $150 Level

Adopt at the $100 Level

Adopt at the $50 Level

*Please allow up to 14 business days for processing and shipment of your adoption package.

** If you wish to adopt a bird that is not listed here, please contact our Membership Coordinator, Julie Wittrock, at