Andy’s Memorial

“You have flown so far and been loved so much.”

Andy N. Condor was a beloved and long-standing resident of the Aviary, an ambassador for his species – the Andean Condor – over his 64 years of life. Read more about Andy’s legacy here.

Tracy Aviary is commissioning a statue of Andy so that his many friends around the world will be able to visit him still, and so that he will always be seen and have a home at the Aviary. 

The statue will cost about $40,000, and we would very much appreciate your support to make this happen. Imagine bringing your grandkids in twenty years and being able to say “See this huge bird right here? I walked with him.”

Help us pay for Andy’s statue


January 17, 2024: We have chosen an artist to create the statue. 

After reviewing proposals and portfolios from many artists, we are excited to announce that we have chosen the perfect artist to create a life-size bronze sculpture memorializing our beloved Andy N. Condor. Meet Adam Matano!

February 1, 2024: Adam has created three potential designs

To create Andy’s life-size bronze memorial, Adam first got to know Andy through conversations with Andy’s caretakers as well as review of hundreds of photos and videos for physical reference. He then created three potential miniature designs for the sculpture, using what he learned about Andy’s character as well as his appearance to capture Andy’s true essence. Stay tuned to see the official design.

February 4, 2024: A design was chosen

Andy’s caretakers met with Adam to review the three designs he created and choose the one they liked best, they then sent measurements taken directly from measuring Andy’s feathers, footprint, and CT scans to get Andy’s size and proportions accurate and based on discussions and measurements, Adam made adjustments to the design until it was perfect and is now working on upscaling this design to life-size!

February 6: Adam works on upscaling the design

Using measurements of Andy himself, Adam has begun scaling up the chosen design to life-size. Actually, a little larger than life-size in its clay form as it will shrink during the casting process. The body, head, feet, and wings are all individual parts for casting. Here you see the framework of Andy’s body coming together!

February 22, 2024

Adam was excited to take a break from working on the body and start on Andy’s head. This is just his second round of work and in its very rough state, but already capturing the essence of our beautiful boy and Adam is looking forward to getting into the textures of his handsome face!

February 27, 2024

At their most recent meeting for feedback, everyone felt something was not quite right with the wings. CT scan measurements of Andy’s humerus, ulna, and metacarpal bones as well as measurements of primary wing feathers (plus a little math) confirmed the wings were a few inches too long. Adam removed the clay so he could reweld the rebar skeleton and make sure everything is perfect!

Thank you to everyone who has already donated, and for those who have shared memories of time spent with Andy. View the collaborative photo album here.



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