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Green Business Highlight: Wild Earth Market

There are many environmental benefits to buying things from local small businesses. Without the need to ship items large distances from manufacturers in other states or countries, the carbon footprint of local goods is much smaller. Large chain stores also tend to be built on the edges of town, expanding into open space and encouraging people to drive longer distances to shop. And, of course, the local economy benefits when people choose to buy locally.

For this issue’s Green Business Highlight, we have a shopping recommendation where you get all the benefits of shopping locally while also supporting an environmental nonprofit: the Wild Earth Market. The Wild Earth Market brings together artists and craftspeople from Utah to sell their wares, and each dollar spent on these local artists results in a donation toward a local nonprofit or environmental issue. These events happen twice a year – check out their website to see when their next market is. I hope to see you there!

By: Cooper Farr

Image from https://www.wildearthslc.com/

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