Valentine’s is for the Birds

Send our birds on a Valentine’s Date with their “tweet-heart”!

Sponsor a date for our birds! Check out the list below to learn more about each bird’s idea of a perfect date!

Thank you for donating to our birds! We’ll be back next year for some more Valentine’s Fun!

Brad Pitta, the Hooded Pitta, would love to share a special meal with her Tweet-heart. Hooded Pittas are insectivores, and one of their favorite treats is waxworms! With your generous donation, our Hooded Pittas can enjoy a lovely Valentine's dinner together.

Our Green-naped Pheasants have recently welcomed a new chick! This is the first chick hatched at Tracy Aviary in 2024! These new parents aren't quite ready to leave their bundle of joy, and would prefer to spend Valentine's day at their nest. Help these new parents have a relaxing Valentine's Day.

Last year the Northern-helmeted Curassows welcomed a chick of their own! But now the chick is old enough to start leaving the nest. Kevin would love to celebrate Valentine's with his lovebird, but their chick keeps stealing her attention away! Your generous donation will help our Curassow Couple have a day away from their kid!

Our Sandhill Cranes have been together for 14 wonderful years! Did you know that Sandhill Cranes mate for life, and have an elaborate mating ritual? They perform dances with each other to reinforce their bond.  They also use their beaks and paint themselves with iron-rich clay , turning their feathers a rust color. This color improves their camouflage and shows they are ready to build a nest.

Our keepers have observed our two female Barn Owls exhibiting bonding behaviors. These ladies would like to celebrate their love this Valentine's! They would like to share a tasty dinner followed by a moonlit walk through the forest.

Epic wants to give a present large enough that matches his love for his tweet-heart! Help him find the perfect gift this Valentine's Day!

Valentine's isn't just for couples in love! Our Pink Ladies are ready to Celebrate "Galentine's" Day! Celebrated on February 13th, this day is a day to gather with your gal-pals! Donate to our Roseate Spoonbills to honor their sisterhood!

We recently added a second Andean Goose to our flock! Aileen is interested in asking her new roommate, Tilly, out on a date! Your generous donation could help her get the courage she needs to take Tilly on a perfect first date.

Our Keas are a part of a unique Species Survival Plan where young Keas come to Tracy Aviary to find love. Our keepers observe the behaviors of the Kea, and when we notice a bond, we send them to other facilities to spend their lives together! Ora is ready to be set up on a blind date! Donate to our Kea to help them find the love of their lives!

    Barbie is throwing a party at her Barbie Dream House! Nothing big planned, just a giant blowout party with all the Barbies, and planned choreography, and a bespoke song. You should stop by!

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