About Our Work

Protecting Birds in Utah & Beyond

Tracy Aviary’s Conservation Science Program was founded in 2011 to help further our mission to inspire curiosity and caring for birds and nature. Our team works on various bird conservation and community science projects to help protect local wild birds and their habitats, inspire conservation action, and support grassroots efforts across the western United States and the Americas. Our Conservation Science team currently manages six projects with over 40 community scientists informing the management of 12 parks, recreation trails, and nature sites in Salt Lake County. Each year, our Conservation Fund provides nearly $100,000 in funding to conservation efforts throughout the region, including staff-in-the-field and on-the-ground conservation projects.


What is Community Science?

Community Science (also called “citizen science”) is when members of the public help scientists collect and analyze data. This collaborative process is our tool of choice for learning about birds in their native habitats. We manage several local community science projects in Utah, but no matter where you are, you can participate in community science! For example, you can provide your scientific observations online at eBird and iNaturalist, wherever you are.


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