Projects We’ve Supported

Here are some of the recent project’s we’ve supported through Tracy Aviary’s Conservation Fund:

2023 Grants

Oikonos Ecosystem Knowledge – A powerful story for saline lakes conservation: the movements of Wilson’s phalaropes connect us ($10,000)

Montana Audubon – Up High and Under Waterfalls in Search of the Glacier Dependent Black Swift ($9,911)

WHSRN – Completing a piece in the Wilson’s Phalarope puzzle: migratory ecology, distribution and habitat use at Laguna Mar Chiquita, Córdoba, Argentina ($10,000) (First year of 5-year long-term grant)

Northern Illinois University – Demographic Response of Nesting Grassland Birds to Keystone Effects of Black-tailed Prairie Dogs ($9,980)

World Parrot Trust and NZ Parrot Trust – Saving Kea: Conservation of Endangered Kea in New Zealand ($10,000)

Bird Conservancy of the Rockies – Project Owlnet Data Compilation: Preparing 28 years of Northern Saw-whet Owl Banding Data for Analysis ($9,832)

2022 Grants

Sageland Collaborative – Intermountain West Migratory Shorebird Survey ($10,000)

Boise State University/Intermountain Bird Observatory – Establishing a Baseline for Response to Wildfires and Climate Change by the Cassia Crossbill – Idaho’s Only Endemic Bird Species ($10,000)

Provita NGO – Conserving a Critically Endangered bird in Venezuela: Complementing the Red Siskin Conservation Center with a native plant nursery for improving bird nutrition and food security ($10,000)

Great Basin Bird Observatory – Conservation of Desert Thrashers in the Seri Territory of Sonora, Mexico: Data Collection and Monitoring Proposal ($9982)

Prescott College Kino Bay Center for Cultural and Ecological Studies – Craveri’s Murrelet Monitoring and Nesting Colony Description in the Eastern Midriff Island Region of the Gulf of California, Sonora, Mexico ($9400)

2021 Grants

Wild Utah Project: Restoring the Jordan River Watershed’s Riparian Areas ($8,919)

Pronatura Noroeste: Status and Conservation of the Yuma Ridgeway’s Rail and Black Rail in the Colorado River Delta ($9,955)

Wild Utah Project: Conservation Strategy for Rosy-finches ($9,994)

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust: Reversing the decline of the Endangered white-breasted thrasher in Saint Lucia by reducing predation pressure of invasive species to improve nesting success ($9,429)

The Institute for Bird Populations (IBP): Enhancing Collaboration in the Conservation of Neotropical Migratory Birds via a New Data Portal ($9,900)

Tucson Audubon: Safer Buildings for Birds in Southeast Arizona ($6,000)

Centro de Investigacion en Alimentacion y Desarrollo, A.C.: Effects of intensive agriculture on migratory landbirds in northwestern Mexico: analysis of threats and conservation strategies ($9,310)

2020 Grants

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources – Utah Black Rosy-finch Study – Phase II ($10,000)

U.S. Forest Service – Can Mesic Meadow Restoration in Gunnison Sage Grouse Habitat Improve Resilience to Drought and Extreme Flooding Events? ($10,000)

Oikonos – Filling Critical Data Gaps for Phalarope Conservation: Coordinated Surveys at Great Basin Saline Lakes ($9,000)

WHSRN – A Simultaneous Winter-Range Population Census of Wilson’s Phalarope ($8,888)

EcoKaban – Monitoring and Conservation of Snowy Plovers and their Habitat in the Atotonilco Lagoon, Jalisco, Mexico ($9,987)

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