Scouting Programs

Scout Day

Each year, Tracy Aviary honors scouts with a special day full of learning and fun! Nearly 100 scouts joined us for this year’s Scout Day. Check back here for 2024’s date.

Scouting Patches & Workshops

Tracy Aviary is proud to offer a variety of exciting opportunities for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts at our Liberty Park and Nature Center locations.

Tracy Aviary Institution Patch

Scouts can explore the world of birds while earning their very own Tracy Aviary Scout Patch. This patch is available to Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Girl Scouts and all requirements can be completed at Tracy Aviary in Liberty Park. Upon completion, the patch can be purchased at Scout Shops operated by the Great Salt Lake Council of Boy Scouts of America and at the Girl Scout Shops operated by Girl Scouts of Utah.

Earning Your Patch
  • Click on the link below that corresponds with your Scout’s age group and print the requirement guide.
  • Bring the guide on a visit to Tracy Aviary and complete the number of requirements indicated in your guide.
  • Parents and/or Scout Leaders must check that a Scout has completed the necessary requirements.
  • Admission fees apply. All Scouts visiting Tracy Aviary in uniform get $1 off their admission!

Patch Worksheets by Grade

Please select and complete the worksheet for your grade level to earn the Tracy Aviary Scout Patch.

Cub Scout and Boy Scouts of America Workshops

Price: $25 per scout + 1 optional adult.

Your Scout group is invited to book a private workshop. Groups larger than 15 scouts may need to book more than one workshop. Payment must be made in full in one transaction. Checks and major credit cards are accepted before or on the day-of the workshop.


Cub Scout Fur, Feathers, and Ferns Workshop

Join us for a three-hour workshop full of new discoveries! Learn the value of wild things and wild places while furthering your skills in observation and identification to explore a world you might not have noticed before.

Our instructors will guide Scouts toward meeting all requirements for the Fur, Feathers, and Ferns Adventure badge. Some activities include planting vegetables/herbs, observing plant life up close, and going for a 1-mile hike down the Jordan River Parkway.

Cub Scouts Into the Wild Workshop

Get ready to explore the urban habitat of the Pia Okwai (Jordan River)! Join us for a three-hour workshop to learn about migratory flyways, the importance of Utah’s wetland ecosystems on a global scale, and the birds in your own neighborhoods.

Our instructors will lead your troop towards meeting all requirements for the Into the Wild badge. Some activities include beginning birding, creating a terrarium, and a trash pickup along the Jordan River Parkway. This workshop includes a take-home projects to fulfill badge requirements.

Boy Scouts of America Bird Study Workshop

Join us for a three-hour workshop full of rewarding adventure and the beginning of endless fun! Become a skilled birder alongside our staff by learning to identify birds by sight and sound. Learn about birds native to our urban habitat while discovering tricks and tools of the trade for observing birds up close.

Our certified Scout instructors will guide Scouts towards meeting all requirements for the Bird Study Merit Badge, while developing life skills along the way. These include proper use of binoculars, choosing and using field guides, recognizing bird field marks, and learning to be thoughtful stewards of our wild places.

Girl Scouts of Utah Workshops

Tracy Aviary partners with Girl Scouts of Utah to host workshops in the spring and fall. To check the availability of these workshops, please visit the Girl Scouts of Utah Event Calendar. Tracy Aviary also offers private workshops for Girl Scouts of Utah troops.


Daisy Design with Nature Workshop

Learn the exciting ways we can use math to learn with nature and earn your Daisy Design with Nature badge! We will be making math fun and learning about the nature we can find right here in the city. Our educators will guide your journey in bird-watching, finding and identifying animal tracks, and map-making. This two-and-a-half-hour workshop will include all activities, vocabulary, and information to fulfill badge requirements.

Daisy Eco Learner

Learn how to safely and responsibly explore nature with your friends and family! Our educators will help you learn how to protect nature through fun, hands-on activities. This two-and-a-half-hour workshop will include all activities, vocabulary, and information to fulfill badge requirements.

Brownie Bug Badge Workshop

Meet your creepy-crawly neighbors and explore the important jobs they do, all while earning your very own Bug Badge at the Nature Center at Pia Okwai! In this three-hour, fun-filled workshop, Tracy Aviary experts will guide you in hunting for insects, learning about bug homes, and creating art projects inspired by our many-legged friends. This workshop includes a small take-home project to fulfill badge requirements.

Brownie Shapes in Nature Workshop

Learn how to use math to explore the nature in your neighborhood and earn your Brownie Shapes in Nature badge. In this three- workshop, you and your troop will explore tessellations, create a spiderweb, and track and graph natural objects. This workshop includes all activities, vocabulary, and information to fulfill badge requirements.

Junior Flowers Workshop

Get up close and personal with flowers while earning your Junior Flowers badge! In this three-hour workshop, Tracy Aviary educators will help you uncover the science of one flower, find out how flowers benefit people, and participate in hands-on crafts. Additionally, Girl Scouts will be able to observe the wildflowers growing at the Nature Center at Pia Okwai and learn how they benefit the local ecosystem (specific flowers are seasonally dependent). This workshop includes a small take-home project to fulfill badge requirements.

Junior Animal Habitats Workshop

Join Tracy Aviary experts as we learn about local wildlife and earn the Junior Animal Habitat Badge. You’ll learn to identify some of our favorite Utah native birds and learn how they thrive in so many different habitats, even in the face of many challenges. You’ll help learn how to create a bird habitat in your own backyard by making fun crafts and learning fun facts! It will be three hours filled with discovery and exploration! This workshop includes a small take-home project to fulfill badge requirements.

Cadette Outdoor Art Apprentice Workshop

What inspires your art? Join Tracy Aviary educators to spark your creativity and earn the Outdoor Art Apprentice Badge!  During this workshop, you will dive into a world of nature-inspired art. Learn about famous artists, craft nature poetry, use natural materials to build your own work of art, and more. This workshop includes a small take-home project to fulfill badge requirements.

Cadette STEM Career Exploration

What do you want to be when you grow up? In this three-hour workshop, girl scouts will learn about a variety of STEM careers within the field of zoos and conservation. Girl scouts will participate in hands-on activities, meet experts, and get insight on the day to day of STEM professionals’ lives. This workshop is our only workshop that takes place at the Tracy Aviary main campus in Liberty Park.

This workshop must be requested at least two months in advance.

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