2022 of Birds of Utah Class - Online

On January 12, 2023

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Tracy Aviary’s Conservation Science Program is offering a 4-month class on the birds of Utah from August 19 to Jan 27. The instructor, Bryant Olsen, is one of the most well-respected bird authorities in the region. Bryant has been birding for over twenty years, and was the recipient of the 2017 Utah Birder of the Year Award. Class participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the many bird species present in Utah. Bryant will teach about when and where to find each species, important identification tips to differentiate between birds, their ecological roles and behaviors, and the evolutionary relationships between species. This class is designed for intermediate to advanced birders who want to increase their birding skill and gain a better understanding of bird identification and ecology. Some basic understanding of birds is assumed.

Birds of Utah Classes will take place from August 18 to Jan 12.  

For questions please email: 

This year, we are offering two options for the class, the in person class is already filled, you may still register for the online version:

Recorded class and bird on your own (tuition $50 for the 4-month class). With this option, participants from all over Utah can watch the Thursday evening class each week as a recording that is posted after the class session. Field trips are not included as part of this option, but Bryant will provide recommendations on good places for participants to go out birding on their own to find the species each week. 

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